Where to find turtles in Minecraft?

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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Turtles in Minecraft are passive ocean mobs that have captured the hearts of many players, especially those who have a soft spot for reptiles.

They normally spawn in daylight in groups of up to five turtles, 10% of which would be baby turtles. Turtles also lay turtle eggs, which can only be picked up by players using a pickaxe enchanted with silk touch.

Turtle eggs are very vulnerable blocks that're easily broken with many natural predators in the game, including zombies, drowned, and ravagers (Bedrock exclusively), etc.

Some players may be searching for turtles either out of curiosity or for a reason such as item drops (scutes or seagrass) or breeding. Either way, here's where players can find sea turtles in Minecraft.

Where can players discover turtles in Minecraft?

Adult turtles

Adult turtles can be found at their home beach when freshly hatched or getting ready to lay eggs.

Beaches are a hotspot for Minecraft sea turtles in general, as they normally spawn on beaches for players. They'll often generate in groups, with a 1/10 chance of baby turtles included.

When turtles move, they'll likely be moving in the direction where the water is nearest. They move slowly on land but very quickly in water. That's why when a player or another mob attacks turtles, they move towards the water.

Minecraft turtles can also be seen in the ocean. This is where they reside most often, swimming without direction but living blissfully. Unless they have the intention of laying eggs, they're likely in the water, making this the best place to find them.

Turtle eggs

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Turtle eggs can be found on beaches. The beach where they were laid is likely the home beach of the adult turtle that conceived them. If players collect the eggs and place them elsewhere, perhaps a few meters away, that will be coded as their home beach and will return there to lay their eggs when they themselves are ready.

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