3 reasons why Jake Paul has made a big mistake agreeing to fight Tyron Woodley

Images via Instagram @twooodley @jakepaul
Images via Instagram @twooodley @jakepaul

Jake Paul's latest opponent has been reported by informed members of the media. He will face off against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. This marks a notable step up in striking competition for Paul, with Woodley having shown his striking credentials time and time again.

Jake Paul has previously built up his name by fighting opposition with little to no combat sports experience. Fights against YouTuber AnsomGib and former NBA player Nate Robinson saw Paul pick up easy wins. A recent fight against former MMA fighter Ben Askren also resulted in a KO stoppage for Paul.

However, even during Askren's MMA career, he had been a wrestler first and foremost. He had very little to offer in regards to his striking, which was evident in the fight. Woodley is a different matter altogether. The following list details three reasons as to why this fight will not play out the same as the Askren fight.

Three reasons why Jake Paul has made a big mistake agreeing to fight Tyron Woodley

#3 Durability

Some Jake Paul fans may look at Woodley's recent performances and note that he is on a four-fight losing streak. However, there is more to these fights than initially appears on the surface. Woodley went five rounds with both Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns, both incredibly hard-hitting strikers.

Whilst it officially states that Woodley suffered a TKO loss to Colby Covington, this was due to a broken rib sustained in wrestling exchanges. The fourth loss was via submission. Despite amassing four losses and supposedly being on the decline, Woodley rarely showed signs of being physically rocked in standup exchanges.

#2 Experience

Woodley has faced off against some of the greatest combat sports strikers of all time. He holds victories over Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson, Robbie Lawler and Darren Till.

His experience in terms of having been in the octagon with so many elite fighters will no doubt pay dividends against the relatively untested Jake Paul. Woodley has that level of veteran savvy that is only picked up after spending multiple rounds in competitive combat sports competitions.

#1 KO Power

Whilst Woodley initially came from a wrestling background, the one attribute he truly became known for during his tenure as an MMA fighter was one of the most lethal right hands in the sport.

It was that right hand that knocked out Josh Koscheck, Robbie Lawler and Jay Heron. In total he holds seven KO stoppages, with the majority against high-level strikers. Jake Paul is yet to face an opponent who holds the kind of natural power that Woodley possesses, and there is little to suggest that he will be able to withstand it when the likes of Robbie Lawler could not.

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