5 reasons why Floyd Mayweather's next outing could be against Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather (left) and Conor McGregor (right)
Floyd Mayweather (left) and Conor McGregor (right)
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Floyd Mayweather has always been an enthusiastic money maker, true to his moniker. Even in retirement, 'Money' has found ways to stay busy through several businesses and ventures. His latest outing is an exhibition fight against Logan Paul on June 6th, 2021.

As much as Mayweather sees himself as a boxer, he also believes in his abilities as an entertainer and entrepreneur. After his second retirement in 2015, 'Money' participated in two more fights. The first was a pro boxing match against MMA star Conor McGregor. The second was an exhibition against Japanese kickboxing prodigy Tenshin Nasukawa.

Mayweather took home massive purses from the fights, which were both relatively easier than his previous outings. This definitely made the pugilist realize that there was a lot of potential for him in the exhibition market for fairly comfortable work. It's no surprise, then, that he agreed to take the upcoming fight against Logan Paul.

Once the fight against Logan Paul is over, what could be next for Floyd Mayweather? Who will be his next opponent for another big payday? Knowing 'Money', it could well be a second fight against Conor McGregor, which 'Money' recently admitted he'd be more than willing to explore.

Here are 5 reasons why Floyd Mayweather's next outing could be against Conor McGregor:

#5 Breaking pay-per-view records

Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly the PPV king. His fight against Manny Pacquiao is the highest-selling PPV event in history, with 4.6 million buys. It was followed by Mayweather vs. McGregor with 4.3 million buys. Safe to say, Mayweather knows how to sell a fight better than anyone on the planet.

After the fight between 'Money' and 'Notorious', the former took home nearly $350 million while the Irishman took home his biggest payday of almost $100 million. McGregor's earnings from later fights in MMA only saw an upward spike.

A rematch between PPV kings Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor would generate immense revenue and fetch huge sums of money for both fighters.

#4 Easy fight

Floyd Mayweather will see the second fight against Mcgregor as an easy win if the fight is in a boxing ring or the octagon with modified rules. Their previous fight may have been an easy win for Floyd. However, it definitely wasn't as easy as Floyd might have anticipated.

Conor was the aggressor and threw some solid shots in the initial rounds until his cardio gave out on him. 'Notorious' started to get visibly gassed by the ninth round. In the tenth, the referee had to step in and declare Mayweather the winner after a barrage of unanswered punches.

'Money' is light years ahead of McGregor in terms of ring experience. When they fought, Mayweather had little idea about the Irishman's fighting style. This uncertainty could be the reason for the fight lasting the first eight rounds. Now, thanks to his experience of McGregor's style, Floyd will have a better read on 'Notorious'. The fight could end earlier if it happens for a second time.

#3 'Money' wants more money

After earning vast fortunes from boxing, Floyd Mayweather has been busy with several business activities in the fields of commercial real estate and entertainment. He owns a strip club in Las Vegas and is starting a hookah lounge. Mayweather recently bought a skating rink in Las Vegas and is looking to turn the brand into a franchise.

'Money' owns a boxing promotion firm that started in 2007 called Mayweather Promotions, LLC. Along with conducting boxing events, Mayweather Promotions also promotes multiple forms of live entertainment, including sports, music, theater, film, and television productions.

The upkeep and expansion of all his businesses would make Floyd Mayweather want to earn more money while he can, to keep growing his vast empire. Fighting Conor McGregor again would only help that cause.

#2 Floyd Mayweather is an entertainer

In an interview conducted by Rob Moore for The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast, Floyd Mayweather was asked if critics and haters bothered him. The pugilist replied, saying:

"If you can't please everybody, try to entertain everybody."

'Money' has one of the best records in boxing history at 50-0. Because of this, he is known to attract a big sub-set of audiences to his fights that want to see him lose.

Before taking the fight against Floyd Mayweather, 'Notorious' predicted how he would win his fights in MMA. Fans and critics would find his predictions audacious because he predicted first or second-round knockout wins against seasoned fighters. Eventually, most of his predictions would turn out to be true, and ever since, he was called 'Mystic Mac'.

McGregor made a similar prediction in his fight against Mayweather. For this reason, fans thought that he might actually beat Floyd Mayweather and hand the veteran his first loss in pro boxing.

In his appearance on The Disruptive Entrepreneur, Mayweather explains how being an entertainer is important for a boxer. He said:

"You don't get to this level and make these type of paydays if you're not entertaining."

Conor McGregor is known for his trashtalk and brash attitude, traits loved by combat sports fans worldwide. McGregor would definitely help meet Mayweather's goal of entertaining the fans.

Watch Floyd Mayweather's interview on The Disruptive Entrepreneur below:


#1 Resuming octagon fight negotiations

On Jan 31st and Feb 1st 2018, Floyd Mayweather posted two videos on his social media. In both videos, 'Money' was inside an octagon, obviously hinting that he'd enter one for his next fight.

Following these posts' responses, negotiations started for a second fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor in the octagon. Omar Al Raisi, editor-in-chief of The Sports Journal, made two tweets regarding the fight's promoters and a new set of rules agreed upon for the fight.

However, none of the parties involved were able to reach an agreement. No major announcements regarding the second fight have been made since 2018. In the interview that Floyd Mayweather gave to The Disruptive Entrepreneur earlier in March this year, he said:

"I'm going to go out there and be the best that I can be at whatever I get involved in, whether its boxing or its doing something on the outside of the square."

Hence, it would seem that Floyd is still open to the idea of fighting out of the squared circle at the age of 44. At this point, we can all guess who he'd want to fight.

What do you think about possibly seeing Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor 2? Sound off in the comments!

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