5 things you need to know about UFC strawweight Nina Nunes

UFC Fight Night: Nunes vs Dern
UFC Fight Night: Nunes vs Dern
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Nina Nunes has been with the UFC since 2014. While she has been in a slump after losing to strawweight standout Mackenzie Dern, she could well bounce back to winning ways soon.

At 26, it's difficult to see Nina Nunes going away anytime soon.She's probably going to be a fixture in the UFC for years to come.

On that note, let's take a look at five things to know about Nina Nunes. Let's get started.

#1 Nina Nunes is married to UFC women's bantamweight GOAT Amanda Nunes

11th Annual Fighters Only World MMA Awards
11th Annual Fighters Only World MMA Awards

It's no coincidence that Nina Nunes shares the same surname as the current two-division UFC champion Amanda Nunes. That's because the two are a married couple.

Nina Nunes, who formerly went by the name Nina Ansaroff, met Amanda back in 2012. Nina and Amanda started out as training partners at the world-renowned MMA gym American Top Team, and their relationship blossomed since then.

In 2018, the Octagon power couple decided to take their relationship to the next level when they announced that they were getting engaged. Nina Nunes revealed what it was like to be in a relationship with Amanda Nunes in an interview with USA Today:

“Amanda is pretty much the exact opposite of what everyone thinks about her. When I first met her, I thought, ‘This lady is crazy.’ But she is the biggest sweetheart; she will do anything for her loved ones. She always likes to have fun. The only time she is serious is when that cage door pops.”

#2 Nina Nunes is a badass mom

Nina Nunes is among the few UFC fighters who have returned to action after giving birth. In September 2020, the Nunes family welcomed their newest member when Nina gave birth to a baby girl.

However, Nina Nunes is well aware of the toll that childbirth can take on a woman's body. In fact, she has already anticipated the difficulty of returning to fighting shape after having a baby.

Nina Nunes told ESPN in 2017 that while she's aware that returning to the UFC after childbirth would be a tough challenge, it's something she hopes to overcome:

“You're pregnant for eight or nine months, but I was in a really bad motorcycle accident that messed me up way more than a baby would do to my body, so I think I'll be fine."

#3 Nina Nunes knows how to bounce back

UFC Fight Night: Nunes vs Dern
UFC Fight Night: Nunes vs Dern

At the moment, Nina Nunes is in a two-fight slump after getting submitted by Mackenzie Dern in the first round of their recently-concluded bout at UFC on ABC 2. But in the past, Nina Nunes has proved that a two-fight losing streak is not something she cannot overcome.

Nina Nunes displayed resilience early in her career when she bounced back from an underwhelming start to her UFC career. She won four fights in a row after suffering back-to-back losses against Juliana Lima and Justine Kish in her first two fights in the Octagon.

With one of the best UFC fighters - Amanda Nunes - by her side, it's not difficult to imagine Nina enjoying another resurgence soon.

#4 Nina Nunes took up MMA to lose weight

UFC 231 Gadelha sv Ansaroff
UFC 231 Gadelha sv Ansaroff

While growing up, Nina Nunes learned valuable skills that would eventually help her become a mainstay in the UFC strawweight division.

Nina Nunes was introduced to martial arts at a very young age. At six, she started developing her striking prowess, as she took up taekwondo lessons. She then learned grappling; she wrestled for her high school team at Lake Region High School in Eagle Lake, Florida.

In 2009, the then-14-year-old Nina Nunes officially started training in MMA. However, it was not because it was the logical next step to integrate the two disciplines she had learned growing up.

Nina Nunes actually took up MMA lessons to lose weight after recovering from a terrible motorcycle accident.

#5 Amanda 'Lioness' Nunes believes Nina Nunes is a future champion

UFC Fight Night: Ansaroff vs Jones-Lybarger
UFC Fight Night: Ansaroff vs Jones-Lybarger

Amanda 'Lioness' Nunes believes Nina Nunes is championship material. After she crushed Ronda Rousey at UFC 207, Amanda Nunes told the media that Nina Nunes was a champion in the making.

Amanda Nunes could be biased when it comes to making comments about Nina Nunes. But if Amanda Nunes truly sees potential in her longtime partner, Nina Nunes could be destined to accomplish great things in the Octagon.

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