Conor McGregor accepts rematch with Floyd Mayweather ahead of sensational combat sports return

Floyd Mayweather (left), Conor McGregor (Right) (Image via Getty)
Floyd Mayweather (left), Conor McGregor (Right) (Image via Getty)
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Conor McGregor just posted a cryptic message on Instagram that included a photo of him boxing Floyd Mayweather with the caption "I accept."

Mayweather is currently set to face Japanese social media sensation Mikuru Asakura in RIZIN this fall and hasn't publicly spoken about the possibility of a Conor McGregor rematch for months. That didn't stop 'The Notorious' from suggesting it on his social media, complete with a picture of him ripping Mayweather to the body from their 2017 superfight.

Conor McGregor is still recovering from a nasty leg break injury suffered in the cage against Dustin Poirier in July 2021. There is no locked date for his return, and hopes of him fighting by the end of the year have begun to fade. The Irishman recently said that he planned on boxing again in the future, although he did confirm that he also plans to compete in the UFC once he's capable of fighting. He told Sky Sports:

“Boxing is my first love in combat sports, is boxing. I had such a great time the last time I was out there. Obviously my return will be inside the Octagon for the UFC in mixed martial arts. That story is far from over. In fact, that story is just being wrote, it’s just beginning. So that’s where I’ll make my return. But boxing for sure, I will grace the squared circle again for sure in the future.”

If McGregor plans on boxing again, there's no bigger opponent than Floyd Mayweather. 'Money' retired after beating McGregor with a perfect 50-0 record, a number he likes so much that he insists all his matches moving forward are exhibitions. Those have included bouts against Tenshin Nasukawa, Logan Paul, Don Moore, and now Mikuru Asakura. Could Conor McGregor be next?

Floyd Mayweather shares a video promo about a potential return tô Japan this year. NYE in Rizin???Rumors here is a SUPERFIGHT against the New Japanese Superstar, Mikuru Asakura.

Floyd Mayweather claims he carried Conor McGregor in their first boxing match

Conor McGregor performed fairly well during the first fight with Mayweather. Not only did he convince people through sheer force of personality that he had a chance against the pound-for-pound boxing legend, but he also lasted until the 10th round against Mayweather.

George Foreman says the the referee protected Floyd Mayweather during his fight with Conor McGregor.

Following the fight, other legends of the sport like Mike Tyson and George Foreman gave McGregor props for his boxing skills. Foreman lauded McGregor for making the fight competitive. But Mayweather has repeatedly claimed following the fight that he went easy on McGregor, saying:

"I'm going to tell you all the truth. You know I carried McGregor. You know I made it look good for y'all."

Mayweather and McGregor have taunted each other over social media repeatedly, and McGregor has said he'd be happy to rematch Mayweather anytime. Leading up to his exhibition bout against Logan Paul, Mayweather was asked if he was interested in a rematch with 'The Notorious' to which he replied:

"Absolutely. He easy."
"An easy $300M? Absolutely. Same way, same results... McGregor can’t punch. I was having fun.” 👀@FloydMayweather tells @ShannonSharpe why he’d do a rematch fight with @TheNotoriousMMA(via @ClubShayShay)

Do check out the video below for other updates in the MMA world:


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