Amanda Nunes offers to fight Jake Paul on behalf of the UFC

Amanda Nunes said she would fight YouTuber Jake Paul
Amanda Nunes said she would fight YouTuber Jake Paul

UFC women's double-champion Amanda Nunes has made herself available for any bout with Youtuber Jake Paul. In a recent foul-mouthed call-out that the social media star delivered to Conor McGregor, Jake Paul also insulted UFC president Dana White and UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier.

White replied sharply to Paul's insults, suggesting that he would let reigning women's UFC bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes fight Paul instead.

"I'm thinking of letting Amanda Nunes knock his ass out," White told TMZ Sports.

Even though some people understood White's suggestion as an insinuation that 'even a woman could beat Jake Paul,' the top-ranked women's UFC pound-for-pound fighter didn't seem bothered by White's comments about her taking on Jake Paul.

Nunes answered not long after, saying she would be up for the challenge.

The UFC boss also reiterated that there is no chance that McGregor will fight Jake Paul any time soon. White believes that the match wouldn't offer any real challenge to the former UFC double-champion.

"[Conor McGregor] is one of the greatest fighters on Earth right now. He shouldn't be fighting kids that have f*cking YouTube videos," White said. "There will be a day when Conor McGregor could do these types of fights and make a bunch of money, but it won't be taking place any time soon."

Nunes was promoted to the first position in the women's UFC pound-for-pound rankings in June after she defended her featherweight championship against Felicia Spencer. Nunes was successful in retaining her belt and won the fight via unanimous decision.

Jake Paul's call out to UFC Conor McGregor

Jake Paul took an extra step in his mission to fight Conor McGregor in a boxing ring. Since the YouTuber started with the challenges, he never went as far in offending McGregor personally as he did now.

In the call-out video that Paul posted to his Twitter and Instagram accounts, he suggests that McGregor would be afraid of fighting him, offending McGregor's fiancée, Dee Devlin, and UFC president Dana White in the process.

"Dana White, you are a f*cking p*ssy too, you ugly f*cking bald b*tch. You said there is a 0% chance of this fight happening, but there is a 0% chance of you getting some f*cking p*ssy," profaned Paul. "Conor, you are scared. Dana, you are scared. Sign the f*cking contract, you idiots. Jesus f*cking Christ, Irish b*tch."

McGregor has not issued any answers to Jake Paul's provocations. The Irishman is in preparation for his next bout against Dustin Poirier on January 23, 2020.

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