"I would have f***ing torn his head off" - Anthony Smith accuses Donald Cerrone and Dan Bilzerian of harassing his mother

Anthony Smith (left), Donald Cerrone (center) and Dan Bilzerian (right) (Images via Getty and Twitter/@UFCLiveItalia)
Anthony Smith (left), Donald Cerrone (center) and Dan Bilzerian (right) (Images via Getty and Twitter/@UFCLiveItalia)
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Anthony Smith is not a fan of Donald Cerrone or Dan Bilzerian after what they put his family through on the night of his big UFC title fight against Jon Jones.

In a new episode of Believe You Me, Smith recounted the night he fought Jones at UFC 235 in March 2019. In the front row of the arena to watch him compete were Smith's wife and mother. Unfortunately, a drunk 'Cowboy' and 'The King of Instagram' showed up just as Smith's fight was set to start to bully them out of their seats. Smith said:

“They come and they wanna sit down and watch the fight, but they’re f***ing hammered. Like just s***house drunk. And so, they tell [Smith's family] that those are their seats. My mom doesn’t know Dan Bilzerian or Donald Cerrone. My wife knows who Donald is, but she doesn’t know him, and she doesn’t know who this short, tight shirt, funky a** hat-wearing jerk is. She just knows that these are her seats and she’s about to watch her son fight for a world title.”
ONE and DONE! 😳🦁 @LionheartASmith can end your night real quick! #UFCJAX
“Dan Bilzerian and Donald Cerrone removed my mom and my wife from their seats while I’m getting ready to fight Jon Jones. I was f***ing furious. If I had seen Dan Bilzerian, cuz I had found out about it right after I got to the back, and if I had seen him then, I would have torn his head off, I was so mad.”

In the end the UFC reorganized the seating so everyone had room, but Bilzerian ended up next to Anthony Smith's mother. Smith said:

"Dan ends up being next to my mom, and then during the fight, he's watching porn on his phone. Like, during the fight, he’s sitting there watching porn. And my mom’s super uncomfortable, she’s weirded out. She’s a quiet lady, real shy. It was just a whole f***ing ordeal.”

Watch Anthony Smith on Believe You Me Episode 401 below:


Anthony Smith faces Magomed Ankalaev in a light heavyweight contender bout at UFC 277

Anthony Smith is looking to add to his three fight winning streak at UFC 277 on July 30th. To do that he'll have to get past the extremely tough Magomed Ankalaev, who sits one spot above Smith at No. 4 in the UFC light heavyweight rankings.

Ankalaev is 17-1 in his MMA career, with his sole defeat a submission loss to Paul Craig in the literal last second of a fight Ankalaev was dominating. Everyone has been hyping him up as unstoppable, but Smith doesn't buy it. He's actually the one who pushed hard for the match-up in the hopes of getting back into title contention.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Smith said:

"He's not the boogeyman everyone keeps talking about. I've been saying that for a long time. Is he good? One hundred percent, he is solid. He doesn't make a lot of mistakes. He doesn't have any glaring holes in his game. But he's not the boogeyman everyone's made out to be."

Watch Anthony Smith talk Magomed Ankalaev below:


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