"You don't have anybody screaming your name anymore" - Belal Muhammad rips into Conor McGregor after Irishman trolls Kamaru Usman over KO loss at UFC 278

Conor McGregor (left) and Belal Muhammad (right) (Image via Getty)
Conor McGregor (left) and Belal Muhammad (right) (Image via Getty)

Conor McGregor is known for tweeting his way through UFC pay-per-views, and UFC 278 was no different. Sometimes he's gracious and complimentary, but 'The Notorious' was downright brutal in his criticism of Kamaru Usman after 'The Nigerian Nightmare' was knocked out by Leon Edwards.

Following Usman's shocking headkick KO loss, McGregor declared "t*** got t***ed" and shared an image of his rival unconscious on the canvas with his eyes wide open.

That disrespect didn't sit well with Belal Muhammad, who criticized McGregor and others who reveled in Usman's defeat. On the latest episode of Fighter vs. Writer, Muhammad said:

"Even Conor McGregor, where you know how it feels to lose in a championship fight, you know what it feels to lose in front of family, man ... These guys that kick a guy when he's down, it just shows what kind of person they are. They're just looking for that attention. Conor McGregor is looking for that attention, Jake Paul is looking for that attention."
"Karma's going to come back to you, especially a guy like Conor who, literally, you haven't won a fight in five years, all you do is tweet when a big fight is coming on. You can have all the money in the world, but you don't have any attention any more and that's what you crave the most. You don't have anybody screaming your name any more and that's what you want the most. So it just shows ... it's kind of pathetic where guys are now."

Listen to Belal Muhammad on Fighter vs. Writer below:

Conor McGregor declares himself the pound for pound best after Kamaru Usman's defeat

Conor McGregor and Kamaru Usman have been involved in multiple online spats since McGregor declared his intention to win the welterweight title back in March 2022. Add in the fact that Leon Edwards is managed by Paradigm Sports Management, the same company as McGregor, and it's unsurprising 'The Notorious' was celebrating Usman's defeat.

McGregor went so far as to declare on Twitter:

"Who's the pound for pound now? I’ll tell you who. The one who it’s been all along. The one. The only. Me, motherf******. Stay tuned."

In reality, Usman dropped down to No. 4 on the UFC's official pound for pound rankings following his loss, with Alexander Volkanovski taking the No. 1 spot. McGregor isn't even included in the pound for pound list, but does hold the No. 12 spot in the lightweight rankings.

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