"I was kind of on the same boat" - Brendan Schaub explains what changed his opinion of "arrogant" Paddy Pimblett

Brendan Schaub (L) and Paddy Pimblett (R) (via @brendanschaub and @theufcbaddy)
Brendan Schaub (L) and Paddy Pimblett (R) (via @brendanschaub and @theufcbaddy)
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Brendan Schaub admittedly stands corrected about his opinion of Paddy Pimblett. According to Schaub, Pimblett's interviews and social media clips portray the Liverpudlian as an arrogant individual.

Schaub accepted that he too had a similar opinion of Pimblett before meetinghim in person. 'Thick Boy' claims that 'The Baddy' changed his opinion almost immediately after they met during an episode of Schaub's YouTube show Food Truck Diaries.

According to Schaub, 'The Baddy' has the 'it' factor which leads to the making of a UFC superstar. The 39-year-old recently said on his YouTube channel:

"Here's the thing about Paddy. You guys will watch his interviews and see the clips on Instagram or social media, [you think] 'You know that kid's arrogant'. I get you. I was kind of on the same boat before I met him. And then I meet him, we do a food truck together... Paddy and I did a food truck. Instantly, you meet the kid, you go, 'Oh! He has it'. And it's not forced, it's not preconceived, you know, kind of hot takes, or it's not WWE, it's just him, he just has it. And these type of guys come around once in a lifetime."

Watch Schaub's take on Pimblett below:


Schaub also drew comparisons between Pimblett and Conor McGregor in terms of the initial signs they showed about their stardom. Additionally, 'Thick Boy' lauded the Liverpudlian for being a good human being at heart.

When Brendan Schaub compared Paddy Pimblett and Conor McGregor's striking skills

Paddy Pimblett has been compared to Conor McGregor owing to the similar trajectories they have followed so far towards stardom. Both Pimblett and McGregor jumped aboard the UFC having already ammassed a massive following as Cage Warriors champions.

However, Pimblett has so far failed to put on dominant performances like McGregor, especially in stand-up exchanges. Although he finished all three of his UFC fights with bonus-winning performances, 'The Baddy' was visibly rocked in the first two bouts against relatively unknown opponents.

Comparing Pimblett to McGregor, Brendan Schaub opined that the Liverpudlian's striking game wasn't as crisp. 'Thick Boy' noted that 'Notorious' wasn't eating as many shots as Pimblett during his initial UFC days. Schaub previously said on YouTube:

"He [Paddy Pimblett] has taken some hits and that scares you a little bit, you know, if you're going to compare him to Conor McGregor, I'll say stand-up's not as good [or] as crisp as Conor McGregor's. Conor really wasn't getting hit, you know, but Paddy got hit."

Watch Schaub's video below:


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