"F*** off and leave me alone" - Conor McGregor fires back at Anthony Smith over his criticism of the Irishman

Conor McGregor (left); Anthony Smith (right).
Conor McGregor (left); Anthony Smith (right).

Conor McGregor was certainly not pleased with the comments Anthony Smith made about him.

The 33-year-old UFC light heavyweight said McGregor has "gone too far" with his tweet-and-delete sprees, and that people "get shot" for saying much less than what the Irishman has said recently.

In his response, 'The Notorious' megastar called Smith a "big zombie." Seemingly baffled with the remarks from 'Lionheart', McGregor noted that the consistent "disrespect" coming his way is what is triggering his controversial responses.

McGregor, who is in the middle of his recovery process following a broken leg at UFC 264, also said he wanted to be "left alone."

"@lionheartasmith who’s getting shot for what? What the f**k are you saying you big zombie. The disrespect coming my way consistently is what is causing my response. Are you stupid? You do not see this? F**k off and leave me alone you losers. You nobodies. I’m preparing to return," read McGregor's tweet.

Conor McGregor has been heavily criticized by fans and fighters alike for the way he handled his UFC 264 loss against Dustin Poirier.

However, in a recent video published to Chael Sonnen's YouTube channel, 'The Bad Guy' claimed one individual from McGregor's team told him that the Irishman is only making controversial statements to hype his upcoming fights, implying that his behavior is all part of a marketing ploy.

Watch Chael Sonnen's video below:


Conor McGregor also attacked Khabib Nurmagomedov in his latest tweet

Anthony Smith wasn't the only one to receive flak from Conor McGregor. The former two-division UFC champion also took a dig at longtime adversary Khabib Nurmagomedov, accusing him of refusing to fight Donald Cerrone on three different occasions.

McGregor's response comes after Nurmagomedov's recent remarks about Jose Aldo. 'The Eagle' had stated that the former UFC featherweight champion is past his prime and used the example of the McGregor vs. Cerrone fight to prove his point.

"This guy is still talking? Another press conference? You s**t your pants of Cerrone your whole career. You pulled 3 times from him. Your father, god rest his soul, could not believe his eyes the way I beat Cerrone. You disrespect Cerrone and now Aldo too? You ran away. Shut up," wrote Conor McGregor.

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