"You fell for it" - Conor McGregor's team claims he deliberately made and deleted the tweets about Daniel Cormier, as per Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen weighs in on Conor McGregor's deleted tweets
Chael Sonnen weighs in on Conor McGregor's deleted tweets

Conor McGregor recently made a series of controversial tweets about Khabib Nurmagomedov and Daniel Cormier, and went on to delete them soon afterwards.

Chael Sonnen claimed on his Bad Guy Inc. podcast that a source from within Conor McGregor's close circle told him that the tweeting and deleting afterwards was a marketing and PR tactic to get the controversy going and keep the Irishman in the media limelight.

"Once he [Conor McGregor] admits guilt, we are all done here. As soon as you say the words, 'It was my fault,' we're all done here. And Conor going out there and deleting [the tweets], which means I retract it, which means I never should have put it out in the first place, which means I don't want this seen by anybody is an admission of guilt. Absolutely it is. It puts a guy like me in a tough spot," Chael Sonnen said.

'The American Gangster' went on to say that his source called him out for 'falling for' the trick.

"Then I hear from Conor's people. I hear from a guy from Conor's inner circle. He said, "Chael, I'm a little surprised you fell for it.' I said, 'Oh, is that right? And what is it I fell for?'... He said, 'The only reason Conor deleted those tweets after sending them out late at night is to create talking controversy. What do you think, Conor doesn't know how the internet works? You think Conor doesn't know that once it sees cyberspace, it never goes away? You don't think he's fully aware that that's going to make headlines? Part of the marketing move was then to delete it, to have something even more to discuss and you fell for it.' That's what they said to me," Chael Sonnen added.

Here's one of the tweets Conor McGregor deleted that was aimed at Khabib Nurmagomedov's late father:

Chael Sonnen does not buy it was a PR tactic on Conor McGregor's part

Despite what his inside source says, Chael Sonnen is not ready to believe that he fell for a PR tactic that Conor McGregor played.

Chael Sonnen believes that the Irishman indeed posted tweets that he soon regretted or someone else came to the conclusion that the content of the tweets was not great for Conor McGregor's reputation, and he went on to delete them.

"I do not believe that I fell for anything. I believe Conor said something, realized it was stupid, tried to take it down, or passed out and went to sleep and somebody else took his mobile device or logged in from a different location when they got up, because they're not up there the same weird hours that Conor is and then they quickly delete it. That's what I think has happened. Conor's side would like me to believe that I've fallen for it," Chael Sonnen said.

Catch Sonnen's comments in the video below:


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