“I'm literally fighting for custody of my children” - Neil Magny shares how Ian Garry labeling him as 'child abuser' affected his life [Exclusive]

Neil Magny (left) Ian Garry (right) [Image courtesy @neil_magny170  @iangarry on Instagram]
Neil Magny (left), Ian Garry (right) [Images courtesy: @neil_magny170, @iangarry on Instagram]

During an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda MMA, perennial UFC welterweight contender Neil Magny shared that Ian Garry labeling him as a child abuser had adverse effects on his life.

In the lead-up to his UFC 292 fight against Garry, Magny's trash-talking attempts against 'The Future' backfired after he told the media that he would issue a father-like battering on his opponent.

Catch Neil Magny's comments below (2:42):


Garry took the statement literally and seemingly accused Magny of child abuse during the pre-fight presser. Now it seems 'The Future's' statements have done real harm in his opponent's life.

During the interview with Sportskeeda MMA, Magny said:

"[Garry's comments] in itself had a lot more consequences than just like nonsense at the press conference. There were literally screenshots being taken of headlines saying that I'm a child abuser and I'd do this to my kids. There were screenshots being taken and put into apps and things like that that would be admissible in court where I'm literally fighting for custody of my children."

Neil Magny added:

"When it was all said and done... there was something that came out very poorly on my end. The way he chose to blow it out of proportion has some pretty significant consequences for me. It was just a lot bigger than just selling a pay-per-view... It was literally my children's relationship [with me] was at stake at that point."

Catch Neil Magny's comments below (6:10):


Neil Magny talks about the recent backlash on Ian Garry

While Ian Garry has made tremendous strides in his young career with the UFC, recent times haven't been kind to the Irishman.

Garry has been embroiled in a controversy involving his wife in the past few weeks. After news surfaced about a book his wife Layla Anna-Lee wrote on how to be a WAG, numerous fans and fighters have been trolling him on social media.

Amid the severe backlash, 'The Future' even threatened legal actions against Sean Strickland, who was among those who went after the fighter online.

Fight fans have also been unhappy with Garry for his bizarre online scuffles with other fighters, including upcoming opponent Vicente Luque.

Image courtesy @luquevicente on Instagram
Image courtesy @luquevicente on Instagram

Neil Magny has also been keeping up with the controversies surrounding his former foe. During the Sportskeeda MMA interview, he said:

"I mean, I saw it. It is hard for me to like get away from it and ignore it... I'm not even exaggerating, [I'm getting tagged on] like 50 posts a day. I have literally 500 text messages of people who text me about things Ian Garry said."

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