"All Major [Facts!!]" - Israel Adesanya on Demetrious Johnson celebration post for 15 years in MMA

[Photo Credits: ONE Championship and Getty] Demetrious Johnson and Israel Adesanya
[Photo Credits: ONE Championship and Getty] Demetrious Johnson and Israel Adesanya

Demetrious Johnson, the all-time MMA great, recently received a compliment from UFC champion Israel Adesanya on Instagram.

MMA History Today, a popular MMA trivia channel, posted a photo celebrating Johnson's MMA debut, which was 15 years ago as of April 28. The text in the post read as follows:

"15 years ago today, Demetrious Johnson made his professional MMA debut. He's gone on to have a legendary career. Always been respectful, always worked hard, and always been a great family man. Take notes. This man is a role model."

Israel Adesanya seemingly agreed, writing:

"All Major [Facts!!]"

Johnson has always been a humble man. 'Mighty Mouse' responded but did not discuss his multiple championships. Instead, he talked about his love for family life and of course, video games.

"I woke up made the kids breakfast and lunch dropped them off at school and came home and played lost ark for 3 hours….i’m blessed."

Michael Bisping makes the case for and against Demetrious Johnson being the GOAT

At the height of his powers, Demetrious Johnson was considered one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in the world. His dominant run atop the UFC flyweight division saw many label 'Mighty Mouse' the GOAT (Greatest of all time). Fellow former UFC champion Michael Bisping recently gave his thoughts on the matter.

During a Q&A session on his YouTube channel, Bisping laid out the case for and against 'Mighty Mouse' being the singular MMA GOAT.

“Demetrious Johnson should be in the G.O.A.T. conversation. Because he’s one of these guys that’s… I mean, who had Henry Cejudo beaten in the UFC, winning the crazy bout. Defended the belt number of times. That picture of him with so many world title belts. And he’s a great guy as well. I like Demetrious, he should be in G.O.A.T. conversation.”

Johnson does have the numbers and statistics to back up his claim to being the GOAT. However, Bisping did add some detraction to the argument.

“I guess the only thing that hurts Demetrious is the level of competition at flyweight. The level of competition at flyweight isn’t as good, not because they are not so good, nor that they can’t compete, just because it wasn’t as deep. There weren’t as many fighters. I’m trying to think of a reason, and maybe that’s one of them.”

Watch Bisping's Q&A session below:


Johnson himself has previously commented on the matter. In an interview with TMZ Sports, he said:

"If you look at the era - me, Khabib, Jon Jones, Izzy [Israel Adesanya]... I feel in my era I'm one of the greatest to do it my era. But to say I'm the greatest of all time, that's me not being respectful of other guys... But when it comes to the flyweights, I would say I'm the greatest."

Watch Johnson's interview with TMZ Sports below:


Demetrious Johnson recently had a mixed rules bout with Muay Thai champion Rodtang at ONE X. Johnson won the fight via second-round submission. This was his most recent victory since getting knocked out by ONE titleholder Adriano Moraes. Johnson may seek to avenge his knockout loss later this year.

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