Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson analyze Khamzat Chimaev vs. Gilbert Burns on Hotboxin' podcast - "He looks like a nice guy but he's kind of psychopathic" 

Joe Rogan (left top), Mike Tyson (left bottom), Gilbert Burns vs. Khamzat Chimaev (right) (Image courtesy: @miketyson and @ufc on Instagram)
Joe Rogan (left top), Mike Tyson (left bottom), Gilbert Burns vs. Khamzat Chimaev (right) (Image courtesy: @miketyson and @ufc on Instagram)
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Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson recently weighed in on Khamzat Chimaev's iconic UFC 273 clash against Gilbert Burns. While Tyson didn't watch the bout, he claimed to know that Chimaev had some issues.

According to the legendary boxer, Chimaev's issues make him look like a nice guy but is quite psychopathic in reality. When asked if he had watched the fight between Chimaev and Burns, Tyson told Joe Rogan:

"No but I know this guy [Chimaev] has some issues that he looks like a nice guy but is kind of psychopathic."

Rogan opined that Khamzat Chimaev had the toughest test of his life against Burns while agreeing that 'Borz' is indeed psychopathic. The UFC color commentator also revealed that a few of his friends believe Burns defeated the surging contender. The 54-year old said on the Hotboxin' podcast:

"Full psychopath. He just beat Gilbert Burns...It was a close fight. It was a very very good fight. Some people even thought Gilbert won. I have good friends that texted me afterwards and they thought Gilbert won...It was the first time Khamzat had ever been tested. Gilbert hit him with a big right hand and dropped him."

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Joe Rogan believes Khamzat Chimaev landed the shots that count more

Gilbert Burns was a huge step up in competition for Khamzat Chimaev, albeit he was on a four-fight knockout streak. 'Durinho' tested Chimaev to his limit in every aspect of the game before dropping a closely contested unanimous decision.

As per the official stats, Burns outlanded Chimaev 119 to 108 in terms of significant strikes. This led to many raising questions about 'Borz's' decision win over the former title contender.

Gilbert Burns officially outlanded Khamzat Chimaev 119-108 in significant strikes during the fight. No one saw that coming. #UFC273

While Joe Rogan agrees that 'Durinho' landed more strikes, he believes that Chimaev landed strikes that were considered way more significant. The UFC color commentator told Bobby Green on the JRE MMA Show #121:

“I mean that was an amazing performance. He spun Khamzat’s face around with that right hand like holy f*k, Khamzat has a f**g chin man, cause Glibert cracked him. Oh my goodness, what a fight, what a fight! Gilbert landed more strikes. Gilbert posted on his Instagram the numbers, the breakdown of the numbers. Which obviously doesn’t mean everything, because like a person could land, a person could land crazy shots, someone plants you with one. That one counts way more." h/t Essentially Sports

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