Does Logan Paul have beef with his friend Mike Majlak?

Logan Paul (Center) and Mike Majlak (Right).
Logan Paul (Center) and Mike Majlak (Right).
Deepit Sharma

No, Logan Paul and Mike Majlak have nothing between them that would turn them into bitter enemies.

The two have been interacting amicably. Mike Majlak was present on one of the most recent episodes of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, which Logan Paul and Mike co-host.

The episode came in the aftermath of the boxing event between Jake Paul (Logan Paul's brother) and Ben Askren. Furthermore, Mike Majlak posted several photos on his Instagram handle last week, where he was seen partying with Logan Paul. Therefore, it is safe to say that the two do not have an ongoing beef.

Why did Logan Paul call Mike Majlak?

Logan Paul and Mike Majlak had a falling out last month. It all began when Mike Majlak appeared in an episode of "Mom's Basement," hosted by Ricky "FaZe" Banks and Daniel "Keemstar" Keem.

In one segment of the episode, Mike Majlak commented on Logan Paul's stance regarding the Harry Styles drama. He said:

"There are a lot of times where Logan can be a d***rider on stuff like that, I'm gonna be honest if Logan sees an opportunity with a celebrity of that stature of Harry Styles, he's gonna say something in the podcast."

A fan account posted a clip of this part of the interview. Logan Paul stumbled across the video and commented:

"This upsets me and i wish i hadn’t seen this. mike will change his character based on who he’s with and what room he’s in. Everyone in the house knows this and it’s been an issue in the past, especially when we go out socially. I’ve caught Mike in lies before, and I try my hardest to help him shed that very ugly part of his personality, but evidently there’s been no progress. He’ll make things up to further his agenda. Everything he said here is simply not true. George can attest. I was even more fired up before and especially AFTER the podcast when they couldn’t see my point of view on the Harry Style’s dress situation. What a shame. Hopefully he can take his mask off before the rest of his closest friends realize he’s really only riding for the room of people he wants to impress."

Following Logan Paul's comment, Mike Majlak apologized for the statements he made. He wrote that he was aware of his knack for being overly wordy and would work on reining in his comments. The account owner later deleted the comment as he/she thought that it was "a bs excuse."

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Logan Paul and Mike Majlak have since returned to amicable terms.

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