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Sean O'Malley talks about the worst mistake that Jake Paul can make against Ben Askren

Jake Paul (left), Sean O
Jake Paul (left), Sean O'Malley (center), Ben Askren (right)
Modified 25 Mar 2021

Sean O'Malley is thrilled about the Jake Paul versus Ben Askren boxing match. The UFC bantamweight contender gave Paul a piece of advice as he discussed the bout with journalists at the media day ahead of UFC 260.

Ready to take on Thomas Almeida in one of the event's main card fights with Stipe Miocic versus Francis Ngannou as the headliner, 'Sugar' showed to be very interested to see Paul fighting.

The YouTuber turned professional boxer will make his first fight against a professional fighter. Paul faced a fellow YouTuber and a former NBA player in his other two bouts in the sport.

Askren is a former MMA champion who had a short tenure of only three fights with the UFC, competing as a welterweight. Considering Askren's experience, Sean O'Malley imagined how the fight would play out.

"It's going to be a sloppy, sloppy fight. Ben is going to make it sloppy, which is good for him. Jake is going to, you know, he looks like he's training hard, he's young, he's athletic. So, if he doesn't beat Ben Askren, we'll see where he goes from there, you know. He has to beat Ben. He has to beat Ben to show that he is a legitimate boxer," Sean O'Malley analyzed.

Sugar was uncertain about who the winner of the boxing match will be. When asked for a prediction, he gave Paul the edge, but only if the YouTuber follows one certain route:

"I don't know. I want to say Jake because he's going to be the better boxer, but... Ben is such a good competitor. He's going to... it's not going to be a good boxing fight," Sean O'Malley said.

O'Malley then outlined the worst mistake Jake Paul could commit in his fight against Ben Askren.

"God, I hope Jake doesn't come in there and try to put his light out in the first two rounds. He's going to gas out, and Ben's going to be there. Ben is going to be there all eight rounds. I don't think Ben is going to gas. I think that if Jake comes out calm, stays calm during fight week, stays calm fight day, doesn't get too excited, and just blows his load in the first couple of rounds. I think he can out-box him. If he stays behind his jab and doesn't let Ben do what Ben wants to do, I think jake could get the job done," he concluded.

Sean O'Malley wanted to be in the crowd for Jake Paul vs Ben Askren

When first asked about the boxing match, Sean O'Malley expressed his wish to go to the stadium to watch the fight live.

"Wow, when is that, April 17th? I want to be there," Sean O'Malley said.

Informed by reporters that the event will happen without a crowd but that 100 people will be allowed in, Sean O'Malley joked, saying that he would like to be invited to watch the boxing match if he wins against Thomas Almeida.

Nevertheless, Sugar is still eager to see the fight and anything related to it:

"I want to go to that Jake [Paul] versus Ben [Askren], whom do I got? There's not a lot of fights that excite me... and this is not going to be, like, the best boxing fight. This is not going to be a good technical boxing fight, but I'm excited. This is like... I'm excited for that fight. I'm going to watch it. I'm going to be excited during fight week. I'm going to watch if they have any little embedded or any acts. Whatever they're putting out, I'm watching," Sean O'Malley said.

Published 25 Mar 2021, 08:16 IST
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