Anderson Silva offers Chris Weidman advice on how to come back from a broken leg

UFC Fight Night Hall v Silva: Weigh-Ins
UFC Fight Night Hall v Silva: Weigh-Ins

Anderson Silva has offered Chris Weidman some advice on how to return from a broken leg injury.

Back at UFC 261, Weidman suffered one of the worst injuries in UFC history when his leg was snapped just 17 seconds into his fight against Uriah Hall.

Bizarrely, it mirrored the same injury Silva suffered at UFC 168 when he fought Weidman.

UFC 168: Silva vs. Weidman
UFC 168: Silva vs. Weidman

Anderson Silva helps his former foe

It’s one of the most insane coincidences in mixed martial arts history but now that we’re over a month removed from the incident, the focus is turning towards whether or not Weidman will ever be able to come back from this and compete inside the octagon again.

If he wants to do so, “The Spider” has some words of advice for him courtesy of his own experiences.

“It’s tough because when my kids showed me the video, I was surprised, and I was sad too. I know how tough it is and I know how much pain you feel, and how much you need to keep your focus for recovery. You stay with your real friends, family, you have physical therapy every day, and it’s tough. I remember when I went back to kicking again I was scared, for three months I was scared to kick, jump, but in one year my leg recovered. Then I kicked normally.” Anderson Silva said.

Anderson Silva returned from the injury 13 months later in a win over Nick Diaz that was eventually changed to a no contest.


Nobody really knows what Weidman is going to do next between starting his comeback or potentially retiring from mixed martial arts altogether.

Alas, if he can replicate even a shred of Anderson Silva’s spirit, there’s every chance he could defy the odds and prove everyone wrong.

Still, it’s important to take things step by step and realize this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Weidman understands that, the fans understand that, and the great Anderson Silva definitely knows what it means to be patient in a situation like this.

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