"Still at the top" - Dustin Poirier has disclosed that he's eagerly anticipating a significant match-up

Dustin Poirier posing after training (Image courtesy @dustinpoirier on Instagram)
Dustin Poirier posing after training (Image courtesy @dustinpoirier on Instagram)

Dustin Poirier revealed that he is in a bit of a weird spot when it comes to his next fight with no official names or dates being announced.

The former Interim UFC champion was in Las Vegas attending the 15th Annual World MMA Awards when he stopped to speak to reporters. An interviewer from MMA Junkie asked Dustin Poirier about his matchmaking situation, and Poirier revealed that he was in a "weird spot:"

"Yeah I'm in a weird spot. It's like my first time in this position in my whole career. You know, still at the top, but kind of like waiting for something big to happen. I've always just fought, fought, fought to try to climb and claw my way to the top, to get big fights, and I feel like now I'm here. And also I'm running businesses outside of fighting."

Dustin Poirier is still looking for his next fight but has not had any promising offers come his way. When asked about potentially fighting on the UFC 300 card, he said he would be honored to fight on such a historic card and would want that to happen.

Watch the interview below (Quotes from 1:15 onwards):


Themba Gorimbo thanks Dustin Poirier for donating $10,000 to his initiative of helping people in Zimbabwe

Themba 'The Answer' Gorimbo is a UFC welterweight fighter and he recently announced that he was starting a new initiative to help senior citizens in his village back in Zimbabwe. He revealed that he would use the money from his next fight purse to fix his uncle's cataract. He posted a message on X thanking Dustin Poirier for donating $10,000 towards his cause:

"@DustinPoirier thank you for the donation of a $10 000 to the new initiative i am starting in village in Zimbabwe of fixing cataract for old people in my village. It’s going to change a lot of people’s lives. Imagine you can’t see one time and next thing you see clear."

Take a look at the tweet below:

Dustin Poirier is a well-known philanthropist and even runs his own charity in the form of The Good Fight Foundation. That happens to be one of the reasons why MMA fans have so much respect for him. He also runs a hot sauce business and has done a lot people of Louisiana.

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