“This is about to get wild” - Fans react to Dillon Danis' scathing attack on Sean Strickland’s girlfriend amid 'Tarzan's' feud with MGK

Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis (left) issue scathing attack on Sean Strickland’s girlfriend (right) amid latter’s feud with MGK, fans react [Images via Instagram @DillonDanis and YouTube @NinaDrama]

Fans had mixed reactions to Dillon Danis deciding to troll Sean Strickland and his girlfriend on social media.

In 2023, Danis acquired a massive social media following during the buildup to his boxing match against Logan Paul. Instead of focusing on Paul, ‘El Jefe’ went after his opponent's fiancee, Nina Agdal, by posting numerous pictures of her with ex-boyfriends and other men.

When it came to the fight, Danis left fans disappointed as he struggled to land anything significant before being disqualified. The 30-year-old disappeared for some time before returning to social media.

Danis’ new target is former UFC middleweight champion Strickland. Earlier this week, Strickland went viral after getting into an altercation with Machine Gun Kelly at the Power Slap 6 event. Strickland questioned why actress Megan Fox was dating 'MGK'.

Once again, ‘El Jefe’ has focused on trolling his target’s girlfriend by sharing photos of Strickland’s partner on X with the following caption:

“Sean Strickland talking all that sh*t meanwhile his girl looks like this.”
Danis tweet
Danis tweet

Fans filled the comments section of his post with various reactions:

“Dawg what is your obsession with other people’s relationships”
“Dillon, Sean might literally kill you. good luck with this one, dirt bag”
“She looks like an amazing and supportive wife, something you don’t have”
“Sean Strickland would walk through Dillon Danis”
“Dillion back to taking L’s lol the world is normal again.”
“This is about to get wild!"
Instagram comments
Instagram comments

Dillon Danis trolls Sean Strickland following Jon Anik's situation with disrespectful fans

Dillon Danis’ comments about Sean Strickland’s girlfriend wasn’t the first time he tried to get the former UFC middleweight champion’s attention. In late January, Strickland reacted to UFC commentator Jon Anik’s frustrations with fans by saying this on X:

"What I'd say to Jon Anik calling MMA fans 'the lowest common denominator,' these people are way you have a paycheck, and you make way more than most... Maybe the NFL is a better choice for you than MMA... Also, you guys are a bunch of savage c*nts... I'm here for it."

Danis responded by saying:

"Coming from the guy who cried and threatened murder because someone made fun of you."

Besides his disappointing boxing match against Logan Paul, Danis last fought in his second professional MMA fight in June 2019. Danis holds an MMA record of 2-0 after securing back-to-back first-round submission wins under the Bellator banner.

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