"I don't agree with what he did" - Josh Thomson and John McCarthy discuss Jorge Masvidal's actions towards Colby Covington

Josh Thomson (left), Jorge Masvidal (center), and John McCarthy (right) (Images via YouTube/Weighing In and Getty)
Josh Thomson (left), Jorge Masvidal (center), and John McCarthy (right) (Images via YouTube/Weighing In and Getty)

Josh Thomson is not a fan of Jorge Masvidal after 'Gamebred' allegedly attacked Colby Covington outside a Miami Beach steakhouse on Monday night.

Masvidal is currently under investigation over the incident, which police reports state left Covington with a fractured tooth and lacerated wrist. Thomson shared his thoughts with former ref 'Big' John McCarthy on their Weighing In podcast and had this to say.

"I know that Jorge has come up a different way from a lot of other people. Maybe that has a lot to do with it. But in this situation I don't agree with what he did. Because there is a chance he may get slapped with some time for this."

While he hasn't been charged yet, Masvidal is facing a felony battery charge which carries a sentence of up to five years in prison. And according to Thomson, things could have easily spiraled out of control into a more serious situation.

"It's just dangerous. If he knocked [Covington] out cold and he hit his head on the concrete and died or anything like that, split his head open, you'd be looking at something that's just not worth it. You think your kids would care more that you beat up someone who said something bad about them, or do they care that they want their dad around? You gotta start weighing those things out."
Good morning to everyone except those that think talking about someone’s kids is cool

Watch the full conversation between Josh Thomson and John McCarthy below.


New footage shows Jorge Masvidal being held back as Colby Covington escapes

At this point in time there's no clear footage of Jorge Masvidal's attack on Colby Covington, but there is now footage of the moments immediately before and after the incident.

Grainy security video collected by WPLG 10 Miami shows Covington leaving Papi Steak and a figure running up behind him.

BREAKING: Short grainy footage of Jorge Masvidal sucker punching Colby Covington from behind(credit: @WPLGLocal10)

A witness to the incident told WPLG 10:

"One guy clocked him about three or four times in the face. Amazing that… what stood out right away was how he didn’t even go down ... Looks like he was hit by Jorge and there were about five of his buddies around."

Another video from TMZ Sports comes moments after the attack, with Jorge Masvidal being held back by unknown people while Colby Covington re-enters Papi Steak to call the police. The video also shows previously released footage of Covington speaking to the police.

Watch the full TMZ Sports video on the incident between Masvidal and Covington below.


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