Conor McGregor fires back at Chael Sonnen after 'The Bad Guy' called him a "little rich weirdo"

Chael Sonnen (left); Conor McGregor (right)
Chael Sonnen (left); Conor McGregor (right)
Johny Payne

Conor McGregor has fired back at Chael Sonnen after the MMA analyst and former UFC fighter referred to him as a “little rich weirdo.”

Sonnen has criticized Conor McGregor’s now-infamous TV stalking social media post. It’s a video wherein McGregor is seen menacingly pacing back and forth in front of a TV while Max Holloway is being introduced prior to his recent fight.

In an edition of ESPN MMA’s The Chael Sonnen Show with Jorge Sedano, Chael Sonnen addressed the video and stated:

“Conor is on the verge of being a little rich weirdo. And it’s the last thing I wanted for him. But if you mark out for your own gimmick to this extent – He’s posting things, and he’s deleting. I mean, I’ve got to give the troll effort a 100 percent. As a former troll myself, I get it. If there’s a UFC [event] you didn’t step foot at – you didn’t throw a single punch – and you can steal a headline on ESPN+, you’re doing something well.”
“But in all fairness, Conor’s not gonna step in there with Max anymore than he was gonna step in with the guy last week, the week before that, or whoever he pulls out of his hat for next week. He’s got to heal himself. There’s talk of Dustin Poirier, who’s already smashed him twice. In all fairness, Conor is still a big draw, but he’s really working against himself. He is being a weirdo. Is this what he wants his identity (to be)? A guy that’s walking around with his shirt off, screaming at the television set? I mean, come on. In all fairness, when you were 22 years old, that was one thing. But as a husband and a father, you’re a little bit of a dork.”

Check out Chael Sonnen’s statements regarding Conor McGregor in the video below:

.@TheNotoriousMMA is turning into a little rich weirdo.

Conor McGregor fired back with a pair of tweets, the screenshots of which have been displayed below:

Screenshots of Conor McGregor's tweets
Screenshots of Conor McGregor's tweets

Labeling Chael Sonnen a weirdo, Conor McGregor stated:

“says the little broke weirdo hahahahhahaha”
@ChaelSonnen 😂😂😂 says the little broke weirdo hahahahhahaha

Furthermore, Conor McGregor insinuated that ‘The American Gangster’ tried to bait him into getting riled up and firing back on social media. McGregor tweeted

“Ya’s can’t bait the whale lads, no chance”
Ya’s can’t bait the whale lads, no chance 🤣

Conor McGregor is set to make his highly anticipated comeback in 2022

Be it for his MTV VMA tussle with Machine Gun Kelly or his alleged attack on Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti in Rome, Conor McGregor has received widespread condemnation this year. In fact, as seen in the video below, Chael Sonnen had previously called Conor McGregor a “little rich weirdo” after the MGK incident back in September.


Nevertheless, Conor McGregor has vowed to return stronger than ever. ‘Notorious’ is currently recovering from his leg injury and has confirmed that he aims to fight again in 2022. McGregor’s next opponent and exact comeback date are yet to be revealed.

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