"I don’t think anybody or anything is permanent" - Dan Lambert on Amanda Nunes leaving American Top Team

Nunes and Lambert (third from right and far right, image courtesy of @danlambertatt Instagram); Amanda Nunes (right, image courtesy of Getty)
Nunes and Lambert (third from right and far right, image courtesy of @danlambertatt Instagram); Amanda Nunes (right, image courtesy of Getty)
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Dan Lambert has opened up about longtime ATT (American Top Team) member Amanda Nunes’ departure from the gym. Earlier this year, Nunes bid adieu to ATT and started her own gym where she trains alongside her partner, fellow UFC fighter Nina Nunes.

In an edition of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, ATT founder and owner Dan Lambert addressed this and noted that Nunes had long been interested in coaching other fighters. Lambert believed that the Brazilian phenom planned to work as a coach at ATT but didn’t know she’d start her own gym.

He’s unsure as to whether Nunes is just figuring out what she wants to do in the long term after she retires from MMA. That said, Lambert clarified that ATT members aren’t under contract and can leave the gym anytime they want.

Further, Lambert explained that Nunes wanted to control her career on her own, which is why she left ATT.

Helwani chimed in and noted that Lambert used to manage Nunes. The 52-year-old replied by revealing that he doesn’t manage ‘The Lioness’ anymore. Additionally, when asked whether he felt betrayed by Nunes parting ways with ATT and starting her own gym, Lambert stated:

“No…I don’t think anybody or anything is permanent in this sport. It’s just when you’re together, you got your time together, you make the most of it. You get the best run possible. Hopefully, both sides benefit from it. And when the time’s right and somebody doesn’t want to be there any longer, see you later. Good luck. Go do what you do, and we’ll do what we do.”

Watch Dan Lambert’s conversation with Ariel Helwani in the video below:


Dana White on Amanda Nunes’ ATT departure

Amanda Nunes lost her UFC women’s bantamweight title via second-round submission against Julianna Pena at UFC 269 in December 2021. Nunes still holds the UFC women’s featherweight title and is expected to face Pena in a rematch for the bantamweight belt later this year.


Dan Lambert opined that Amanda Nunes’ loss at UFC 269 likely expedited her decision-making process of leaving ATT and starting her own gym.

Meanwhile, UFC president Dana White believes that Nunes’ departure from ATT “wasn't a bad break”. He added that Lambert is probably happy for ‘The Lioness.’ Speaking to ESPN MMA, White said:

“I haven't heard anything otherwise that there's any kind of bad blood there or there's any beef... You know I'm sure she's just opening her own gym, she's got a lot of money. She can open her own gym and she can do whatever she wants."

Check out the full interview below:


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