"There was no woman involved" - John McCarthy reveals what Chael Sonnen told him about alleged hotel brawl

John McCarthy (left); Chael Sonnen (right)
John McCarthy (left); Chael Sonnen (right)

John McCarthy has revealed what Chael Sonnen told him regarding his alleged hotel brawl. McCarthy referenced the video of a handcuffed Sonnen being escorted by police and security personnel through a Las Vegas hotel hallway.

In the video, which was published by TMZ, an individual can be heard talking about a woman involved in the alleged brawl. In an edition of the Weighing In podcast, the former MMA referee suggested that Chael Sonnen didn’t brawl with a woman in the incident.

John McCarthy asserted that Chael Sonnen confronted an individual who made derogatory remarks against his wife Brittany Sonnen. McCarthy stated:

“He told me his side. He goes, ‘Look, some people wanna say things to my wife. That’s not a good idea.’ And I don’t blame him. Okay? There’s certain things that are off-limits. Someone’s wife is off-limits. And someone wanted to say something. Chael told me; he goes, ‘John, I didn’t beat him up. I didn’t hurt him. I just scared him.’ And that’s what battery is. So, by putting a finger on him, that’s battery, you know."
"There was no woman involved. I know people were saying because as he was being walked down the hall, one of the security guards had heard that there was a woman involved. There was not a woman involved. But (the guard) said, ‘Hey, who’s the woman involved?’ And TMZ got the video of that. So, they’re saying that there was a woman involved. There was no woman involved. Chael, in the end, he knows what went on.”

Watch John McCarthy reveal what Chael Sonnen told him about the alleged hotel brawl in the video below:


Chael Sonnen was detained but not arrested after the alleged brawl

The alleged hotel brawl involved Chael Sonnen on one hand and five other individuals on the other. ‘The Bad Guy’ was reportedly seen banging on a hotel door at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday, December 18. He’s then said to have gotten into a brawl with five people.

Hotel security soon got involved and police arrived after a 911 call was made. As seen in the video below, Chael Sonnen was taken away in handcuffs through the hotel hallway.


The former UFC and Bellator star was charged with five counts of misdemeanor battery. Sonnen was detained but not arrested, as the alleged misdemeanors were committed outside of a police officer’s presence.

Sonnen hasn’t expounded upon the incident as of yet but continues posting MMA and combat sports-related videos to his official YouTube channel. He's received support from some and condemnation from others, including longtime rival Jon Jones, following the incident.

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