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Vitor Belfort wants to fight Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar
Modified 02 Sep 2020

We can now add another name to the list of possible opponents for Brock Lesnar. That's a pretty impressive feat for a 43-year-old guy who hasn't fought in a cage since July 2016.

First, it was Daniel Cormier (when he became the heavyweight champion by beating Stipe Miocic in their first fight), then it was Jon Jones. Even Stipe Miocic got into it. Bellator CEO Scott Coker threw Fedor Emelianenko's name into the lottery. Now it's Vitor Belfort. So across the top three MMA organizations, the big dogs want a piece of Brock Lesnar.

However, coming out of a 4-year layoff is tough, especially when you're in your 40's. Not that Brock has gotten out of shape, he's still a beast. Consider just pure amateur wrestling alone and Lesnar could probably dominate the entire group of aforementioned names but to be out of the cage for four years and then returning to fight these killers might not be the wisest decision.

Dana White said if Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar truly want to fight one another, he'll make it happen. Kurt Angle said the only name in MMA that would bring Lesnar back is Jones. However, Josh Barnett said he believes Brock Lesnar is just using the threat to go back to MMA as a ploy to get a better deal from wrestling.

It's questionable if the WWE would break open more of the bank for essentially a part-time wrestler. Especially with them doing okay right now; well as much as you can during a pandemic. The likelihood that a company like AEW has the extra spending capability to get Brock Lesnar on-board is doubtful.

In the UFC, to face Jones; Brock would need to complete his USADA suspension. In Bellator or at ONE Championship, that's not an issue. At ONE Championship, Brock would not have to worry about stringent drug testing and make possibly more money than he would with the UFC. Belfort recently challenged Brock Lesnar to a fight.

Belfort said, "I'll give you a chance, I think you're a fraud. If you want to fight me, let's go bare hands. We put the gloves away, we go combat, you know. I know you're a very tough man, I heard you're a grappler, but I'll fight you, man. Any day any time, I think that's a legendary fight right there. You're a big man, I got you. I'm willing to fight big men, man. I'm not scared. The king of the jungle is the lion, not the elephant. So, Brock Lesnar, you're right down my alley my friend".

Belfort then went on a massive rant just prodding Lesnar with one verbal jab after another. All in the hopes that "The Beast Incarnate" will go to Asia. Say what you will about Vitor, he is a much better well-rounded fighter than Lesnar despite being the same age.

Published 02 Sep 2020, 23:29 IST
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