"He got fat as s***" - Sean O'Malley trolls Paddy Pimblett for his non-fight camp physique

Paddy Pimblett (left), Sean O'Malley (right) [Images Courtesy: @paddythebaddyufc. @sugaseanmma on Instagram]
Paddy Pimblett (left), Sean O'Malley (right) [Images Courtesy: @paddythebaddyufc. @sugaseanmma on Instagram]

Sean O'Malley has taken yet another shot at Paddy Pimblett, this time targeting the Liverpudlian's physique whilst out of fight camp. The two men have repeatedly thrown insults at each other ever since Pimblett signed for the UFC earlier this year.

That's despite the fact that Paddy Pimblett is currently competing two weight classes higher than O'Malley. Nevertheless, 'The Baddy' has previously fought at featherweight and Sean O'Malley is undoubtedly large for a bantamweight, meaning he could likely make 145 pounds.

However, it is fair to say that Pimblett currently appears to be a good way off from featherweight. Fans who are familiar with Pimblett from his Cage Warriors days will no doubt be aware that the Englishman is known for enjoying life to its fullest when he is not in training camps.

Sean O'Malley discussed Pimblett's physique in episode 158 of the TimboSugarShow. He said:

"He got fat as s***. Did you see that? He got fat as f***... He got big, but he said he got another fight booked and it's not that Gordon guy. I wonder who it is."

Sean O'Malley on Paddy Pimblett's seven-figure deal with Barstool Sports

Whilst Paddy Pimblett has not officially announced who his second opponent in the UFC will be, he did recently reveal that he has signed a lucrative contract with Barstool Sports. He will act as a brand ambassador and content creator for the site, although fans of 'The Baddy' are yet to receive clarification as to what that will entail.

I have signed with @barstoolsports people.I want to thank @stoolpresidente & @GrahamBoylan who put this deal together and for making it a very workable partnership for both sides. Barstool Sports know who the boy is 🤗

On his podcast, Sean O'Malley reacted to Pimblett signing the deal. He stated the following:

"Damn, I wonder how he got that. I wonder if it was his management or what... I wonder if they have a specific role they want him to play... That's crazy though. That's a fat deal, good for him."

Check out the latest episode of Sean O'Malley's TimboSugarShow podcast below:


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