How to target farm Aspects in Diablo 4

Legendary Aspects Diablo 4
How to target farm Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 (Image via Sportskeeda, Blizzard Entertainment)

Aspects, also known as Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4, provide some of the most significant buffs in the game as they determine how a battle turns out, especially in the late game. You might have encountered a few Legendary items in your playthrough and noticed they all have a certain property that separates them from Rare items. These are the Aspects.

The Occultist is the place you will frequently visit if you prefer imprinting Aspects into your item or Enchanting affixes. However, certain steps must be followed to farm for a specific Aspect. This article details how to do so.

Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 and their types

Types of Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 (Image via Sportskeeda, Blizzard Entertainment)
Types of Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 (Image via Sportskeeda, Blizzard Entertainment)

Legendary Aspect system is like the Enchanting system from Skyrim, where there are categories of buffs, and each power can be transferred into an item belonging to a specific category. Even in this game, there are five types of Legendary Aspects — Defensive, Offensive, Resource, Utility, and Mobility. You can transfer each type of Aspect within an item belonging to that category.

Below is the detailed list of items in the various categories:

  • Defensive: Helms, Chest Armor, Pants, Amulets
  • Offensive: Weapons, Gloves, Amulets, Rings
  • Resource: Rings
  • Utility: Helms, Chest Armor, Boots, Gloves, Amulets
  • Mobility: Boots, Amulets

This provides an idea of which item has what kind of Legendary Aspect stored in it. For example, if you want a Mobility Legendary Aspect, you can farm for some Legendary Boots to extract that Aspect from it.

How to farm Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 through items in Diablo 4


As mentioned earlier, you can target farm Legendary Aspects in the game through Legendary items, as they are already equipped with these buffs. You can extract Aspects from these items in The Occultist's shop in Kyovashad.

To do so, you must pay a certain amount to The Occultist, as the item you are extracting it from will be destroyed in the process.

Refer to the aforementioned points about what category of Aspects reside in what items, and target them to achieve your desired buff. This is one reliable but expensive way to farm these Aspects.

How to farm Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4 through dungeons in Diablo 4

The most obvious but slow process to farm Legendary Aspects is through dungeons in this action RPG. Not only is this inexpensive, but you will also get valuable additional loot in the process.

Completing any dungeon in the game will always provide you with a Legendary Aspect in the end. You will gain one when you beat the final boss of the dungeon. However, the problem in this process is that Legendary Aspects from dungeons are class oriented. Hence, you will only get a useful Aspect from a dungeon if you belong to that class.

However, dungeons are the best place to farm for Legendary items. Either way, you must complete dungeons in the game to farm for Aspects in this action RPG.

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