5 major quality-of-life improvements Diablo 4 desperately needs

Blizzard needs to do something about the quality of life in Diablo 4 soon (Image via Blizzard)
Blizzard needs to add some quality-of-life features in Diablo 4 soon (Image via Blizzard)

Diablo 4, as a game, was fairly stable at launch. However, as the days went by, players started experiencing a couple of problems. Then, the developers introduced the dreaded Season of the Malignant patch, which implemented some important features but also introduced a host of new problems.

While Blizzard is now trying to fix the issues at hand, there are a few other aspects that they need to address as well. With that said, here are five important quality-of-life improvements that Diablo 4 desperately needs.

Certain Diablo 4 quality-of-life improvements could drastically improve the gameplay experience

Quality-of-life improvements can, more often than not, make mundane tasks easier. Considering that a major part of Diablo 4 feels extremely repetitive once players hit a certain level. The following changes could help improve the state of the game.

1) Endgame XP balances

Once players hit World Tier 4, which is only accessible after they've hit level 70 in Diablo 4, XP gains are severely reduced. In fact, the only way for anyone to earn XP is by completing Nightmare Dungeons.

Although the game does have a lot of dungeons to explore this does get repetitive after a point. If there were other events that offered a good amount of XP, the grind wouldn't have felt so tedious.

2) More endgame activities

This point is tied to the previous one. Diablo 4 severely lacks endgame activities, even in the Season of the Malignant. Once players reach the endgame, the only thing to do is continuously grind Nightmare Dungeons or battle it out with Uber Lilith or Uber Varshan.

RPGs typically suffer from these problems, and there aren't enough ways to make these things interesting. For example, Destiny 2 also lacks end-game activities, but then again, it has raids, and there are other activities players can engage in to keep things fun. The same cannot be said for Blizzard's action RPG.

3) Loot balancing

It's rather ironic that Diablo 4 is a game about loot management, but there isn't enough loot. Once you hit a certain level, the amount of loot that you receive is drastically reduced. Now there are some theories that state that the loot drops depend on what you have in your stash, but that's just a theory, and there's no confirmation of the same.

After level 80, the only interesting loot that players receive is gold. Some would argue you could buy weapons with this gold, but unfortunately, Ancestral Legendaries cannot be purchased from vendors.

4) Server stabilization

The Diablo 4 servers are anything but stable. The random disconnections and frequent rubberbanding render the game unplayable at times. In fact, these issues are so rampant that many players joke about how the final boss in this game isn't Lilith but Blizzard's unstable servers.

There's also an additional difficulty level known as Hardcore mode, in which any death is a permanent one. While dying to the Butcher is a major reason why players lose Harcore characters, some have lost their characters after dying to smaller mobs because of rubberbanding. The game has been out for a while, and the developers should have fixed this issue by now.

5) Loadouts

Since Diablo 4 is essentially an RPG and allows players to make their own builds, Blizzard needs to add loadouts very soon. Although games like Destiny introduced a loadout system many years down the line, there were third-party sites that helped players with the same.

The fact that there's no loadout system in Diablo 4 yet has led players to consistently request for its implementation. Adding insult to injury, the laborious process of crafting builds only makes things worse, and players hope that the developers rectify this soon.

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