Rust June 2023 update: Official patch notes revealed

The June 2023 update is here (Image via Rust)
The June 2023 update is here (Image via Rust)

The much-anticipated June 2023 update for Rust is finally here, with eager players from around the world being able to dive into everything it has to offer. The updates' content was hinted at and showcased earlier last month by the developers at Facepunch Studios, including Shipping Container building cosmetics, Sleeping Bag tweaks, and plenty more.


The June 2023 content update has addressed several contentious issues regarding Sleeping Bags, with it now being limited to 15 per player. New animations associated with the build upgrade effect have been introduced with the latest update.

Interested readers can check out the June 2023 update content highlights in our coverage. Without further ado, read on to find out about the patch notes shared by the developers.

Rust official patch notes for June 2023 update

The official patch notes for Rust June 2023 update are as follows:


  • Can no longer have more than 15 respawn options
  • Can connect to servers via Steam query port as well as game port


  • Respawn options are now visible on the map during gameplay
  • Can copy+paste filter configs on the conveyor screen by holding shift
  • Industrial tool now shows the name of the item attached to a storage adaptor when hovering over industrial connections
  • RF Transmitter can now change frequency via inventory (like pager)
  • RF Transmitter can now change frequency while in another player’s TC radius
  • Can now ping as soon as binoculars are equipped, no need to zoom
  • Pings now have unique sound effects
  • Pings placed outside of your field of view will now flash the compass
  • Added a crosshair to the binoculars
  • Pings now fade out when they time out
  • Pings can be deleted regardless of equipped item
  • Increased size of pings
  • Added a list of current local and team markers to the top left of the map
  • Markers will now show 4 characters from the label on the compass
  • Improved visibility of map markers on snowy areas
  • Raised attachment point of storage adaptor on vending machines for easier placement around windows
  • Horses now have several new idle animations in Rust
  • Building skins can now changed by pressing Q and E in the hammer radial menu
  • Internal memory pool improvements for better thread safety performance
  • Modders can now update CUI without destroying & recreating
  • 'infiniteammo' convar
  • 'repair_inventory' command in Rust
  • 'skin_radius' and 'upgrade_radius' commands
  • Resolution of signs doubled
  • Debris added to shopfront & vending machine
  • Improved shader graphics of black telephone wires around the map


  • Fixed tooltips briefly flickering out of position in some UI
  • Fixed missing cowbell 3rd person mallet in Rust
  • Fixed old map markers staying on the map after changing server
  • Fixed RF pager no longer able to be set to Silent
  • Fixed items with redirect skins sometimes not being counted by Industrial Conveyor filters
  • Fixed steam://connect links not working
  • Fixed floaty pylon placement edge cases in Rust
  • Fixed building blocks getting fully repaired when changing their skin
  • Fixed sunlight leaks inside the Nuclear Missile Silo on some map seeds
  • Fixed loot getting stuck under the big missile in the Nuclear Missile Silo
  • Vending machines no longer give out stacks greater than max stacksize after restart
  • Steam nicknames fixed


  • Disabled legacy server analytics in Rust

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