Scott Hall

Scott Hall

Full NameScott Oliver Hall

BornOctober 20, 1958



Relation(s)Jessica Hart (m. 2006–2007), Dana Lee Burgio (m. 1999–2001), Dana Lee Burgio (m. 1990–1998)


Scott Hall, popularly known as Razor Ramon was a permanently high profile star and remained at the

top of his game wherever he went, be it the short stints in National Wrestling Alliance (Florida Territory)

and American Wrestling Association, or WCW and WWC where he established his legacy.

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WWE Career

His initial run in WCW was impressive, but Razor Ramon never got a chance to get going due to an

injury. When he joined WWE in 1992 he immediately got a huge push as Razor Ramon. Ramons gimmick was that of a shady Cuban American bully modelled of the movie Scarface. Ramon took up the nickname The Bad Guy and referred to himself in the third person. His first appearance was in a dark match against

Chris Hahn and his first ring debut was in 1992 in Superstars, winning against local jobber Paul Van Dow.

Ramon had a major angle with Randy Savage and Ric Flair. He helped Flair and feuded with Savage. He

had other feuds with The Hart Family and The Kid; before going for the Intercontinental Title. He won the title and began a feud with Shawn Michaels. The two created history with a ladder match at

WrestleMania, pioneering for the first time that the ladder itself could be used as a weapon.

This match brought Scott Hall praise and accolades. The two would continue to feud, and Diesel,

Michaels' bodyguard also battled him during this time. A year later he would have a rematch against

Shawn Michaels in another Ladder Match where Michaels won.

During his time in WWE, Scott Hall was part of the Kliq, (Ramon, Michaels, Triple H and Diesel) an actual group of wrestlers who were really influential and used their influence backstage with Vince McMahon to be given consistent pushes. After leaving in ’96, the duo returned to WWE in ’02 for a brief run.

The Kliq are also famous for the Curtain Call before Kevin Nash and Scott Hall left. All four members

of the Kliq hugged in the ring after the show had gone off air breaking kayfabe in front of fans. This got

them all a lot of heat as it was unthinkable in 1996. Triple H was punished for it by having his King of the

Ring win taken away.


Scott Hall and Diesel left WWE in 1996 and went to WCW for better pay. There they were the outsiders,

and with Hulk Hogan, established the New World Order. NWO was one of the best things in wrestling for

a long time and if it had been little more controlled would have been the reason WCW beat WWE.

Unfortunately it became too big and WCW lost control.

Over the next few years until the demise of WCW Scott Hall and Diesel would be the major forces of WCW and used their influence backstage to almost never lose and stay in the main events.

In the later stage, while fighting in the Indies, Scott Hall got caught up in addiction of drug and

alcohol abuse. But thanks to DDP and his yoga, he is staying sober and living a healthy life now.

scott hall

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What ethnicity is Scott Hall?


How old is Scott Hall?

60 years (20 October 1958)

How much is Scott Hall worth?

Scott Hall has an estimated net worth of $3 million, with a $95 thousand annual salary.

Is Scott Hall married?

Jessica Hart (m. 2006–2007)

Dana Lee Burgio (m. 1999–2001)

Dana Lee Burgio (m. 1990–1998)

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