3 best Fairy-type Pokemon to use in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

With Pokemon like Sylveon and Xerneas being added, the race for best Fairy type in Pokemon GO has become seriously tight.

Now that Niantic has been adding Generation VI Pokemon to the game, Fairies have found their way onto many trainers’ teams. The Luminous Legends X event in particular brought debuts for several Fairy-type Pokemon including the legendary Xerneas. Fairy-types have a special place in Pokemon since they counter the overpowered Dragons in the game, including Salamence, Dragonite and Garchomp. These three Fairy-types, though, are a step above the rest.

Will Xerneas or Sylveon be considered top 3 Fairy Pokemon?

3) Mega Altaria


While the normal form of Altaria sees fairly good usage in the Great League, it’s Mega Evolution is in a higher class. 221 Attack is a huge increase from 141. Mega Altaria also retains the bulky that its normal form has, with the same 181 Stamina stat and a 17 point buff in Defense. Sky Attack is a nice charge move that can get consistent damage in most battles. It is also a great option for gym defense. In fact, any trainer who wants to defend a Gym with Blissey or Snorlax (two of the best defenders in existence) will do well to pair them with Mega Altaria.

2) Togekiss

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Statistically, Togekiss is almost a mirror image of Mega Altaria. This Flying/Fairy-type Pokemon has one significant asset, though, that makes it much more threatening: Charm. It can’t be understated how strong of a quick move this is. Whereas there are many strong Pokemon out there that rely on quick moves with around 10 power behind them, Togekiss can get huge mileage out of spamming 16 power Charms with a STAB boost.

1) Mega Gardevoir

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

This Pokemon has the bulk of Togekiss and Mega Altaria, but also an Attack stat that is well above both of them. 326 Attack is higher than what Landorus, Dragonite and Metagross all have. This means that Charm spam is almost twice as deadly from this Pokemon. Mega Gardevoir lacks Moonblast, but two Dazzling Gleams will still do considerable damage. Shadow Ball is also a great asset since it counters opposing Psychic-types. Considering the prominence of Shadow Mewtwo, Metagross and the like, Psychic counters are highly valuable.

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