Best build for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

Blastoise is a ranged defender in Pokemon Unite (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Blastoise is a ranged defender in Pokemon Unite (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Shane Foley

Blastoise is the newest edition to the Pokemon Unite roster, and it gets access to some very powerful weapons.

After all of the speculation as to this Pokemon’s role, it turns out Blastoise is a Defender. Unfortunately, it has to deal with the typical issue that all three-stage evolutions have. Squirtle is really weak, and Wartortle is only a small step up. Once it evolves, however, Blastoise’s moveset can keep the enemy at bay as well as deal damage.

New defender Blastoise enters the Pokemon Unite roster


To start the match as Squirtle, players will want to run Water Gun. Because Squirtle is so weak, it’s a Pokemon that Absols and Zeraoras will want to target early. Squirtle can’t stay exposed and it needs the range of Water Gun to stay safe. Water Gun also deals the bonus effect of lowering movement speed.

Once it’s learned, Skull Bash has some nice utility for Squirtle. It leaves a small stun on enemies, which can help in tight situations and team fights.

When it reaches level 5 Squirtle evolves into Wartortle. Here, it can pick between Hydro Pump and Water Spout, but Hydro Pump is the better option. This move knocks the enemy back a far distance, allowing Wartortle to create some space between its enemies and itself.

This move can make itself useful in clutch situations when Wartortle needs to escape. If the Pokemon needs to run back to the goal (or when its teammates need to), Wartortle can do a quick turn around, Hydro Pump, and push back the enemy so that they can’t chase the Pokemon down.

Wartortle gets a big power spike at level 7 when it can learn Surf. Anyone who has seen footage of the move knows of its power. Blastoise’s particular version of Surf covers a humongous amount of ground, and it will send opponents far away from their objective.

Finally, at level 9 Wartortle evolves into Blastoise and gets access to its Unite Move, Hydro Typhoon. This move has a large area of effect, damaging multiple opponents at a time. Blastoise can use this during team fights to chip all of its opponents down for its teammates to kill. It's great for fights against Drednaw and for securing the all important Zapdos.

In terms of items, Blastoise is a great user of Score Shield due to its high health. Buddy Barrier is also slowly becoming a necessary item because of how much it helps the team. Aside from those, Blastoise can benefit from Wise Glass for damage or Float Stone for the extra mobility.

Finally, like with most Pokemon nowadays, Blastoise will benefit from Eject Button as its held item. Since it’s on the slow side, Blastoise can get easily trampled in team fights if its moves are under cooldown. Eject Button gives Blastoise a much needed escape plan.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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