Best counters and weaknesses for Mewtwo in Pokemon GO

Mewtwo as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Mewtwo as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The new expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card game will revolve around, as many players know, Pokemon GO. One highlight of this expansion for the beloved game is the Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo, being included as one of the cards in the set.

To celebrate, Mewtwo will be available as a Raid Boss. The opportunity to catch one of the original Legendary Pokemon does not come very often for users of the mobile title.

With this in mind, they have already begun gearing up for the fight against the Genetic Pokemon, Mewtwo. Given its status as a five-star Raid Boss, quite some preparation will be required.

When making arrangements for challenging a Raid Boss, knowing what Pokemon to bring is the first step. While it can be tempting to get a few Ghost-types and call it good, the battle system in Pokemon GO is more and less complicated than the main series, so gamers must greatly reevaluate their strategies.

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Pokemon GO: Preparing for a Raid Boss

Mewtwo as it appears in Pokemon Evolutions (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Mewtwo as it appears in Pokemon Evolutions (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Unlike the main series, which features a turn-based combat system, Pokemon GO has an action-based real-time combat system. This battle system practically guarantees that each Pokemon involved in combat will be taking damage during the fight.

But what effect does this have on a player's team-building?

This means they can best prepare for this fight by stacking their party with a balance of offensive and defensive Pokemon. Users will not get very far in this fight if they bring six Gengars and call it a day.

Instead, they should bring a few Ghost-types alongside some Dark-types for an even spread of both roles.

Though it may be tempting to bring everyone's favorite spooky boy, Gengar, it may not be the best choice. Due to its secondary typing of Poison, it takes super-effective damage from Mewtwo's powerful Psychic-type attacks.

Gamers may want to consider opting for Chandelure or Golurk instead.


For some of the best defensive options to bring to this Raid, Pokemon GO provides players with an extensive catalog of great Bug, Steel, and Dark-type Pokemon. For a good mix of offense and defense, using Scizor or its Mega Evolution is a great choice.

However, there are other terrific options that prioritize defense.

Dark-type Pokemon are the best defensive check for Psychic-types as they strongly resist their attacks. Pokemon GO's best defensive Dark-types are Umbreon, Spiritomb, and Bisharp. These are great choices to bring to this fight as they have excellent defense while being capable of dishing out solid damage.

As previously stated, a perfect balance of offensive and defensive Pokemon is the key to winning any Raid. As it is a five-star Raid Boss, users are encouraged to bring as many gamers as possible to the fight. At least five experienced individuals should participate in the Raid, but the more, the merrier.

For those wanting a more concrete template for a team, here is a great side to bring to this rendition of the Mewtwo Raid:

  • Chandelure
  • Golurk
  • Spiritomb
  • Umbreon
  • Bisharp
  • Mega Scizor

Of course, there is a lot of wiggle room for this team. Not everyone has access to a Mega Scizor or a Spirtomb. With this in mind, Dusknoir or Mandibuzz make for suitable replacements.

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