Can you catch a Shiny Spearow in Pokemon GO?

A Spearow ready to battle (Image via The Pokemon Company)
A Spearow ready to battle (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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In Pokemon GO, Spearow is one of the original 151 Pokemon and has a heavy presence.

Spearow is one of the standard creatures that trainers will encounter during their Pokemon GO journey. It is a basic Pokemon that appears quite frequently no matter where a trainer is in the world.


The question many Pokemon GO trainers have is whether Spearow can be caught in its Shiny form. As Shiny Pokemon are the rarest of the rare, even their normal version is super common.

Pokemon GO: Can you catch a Shiny Spearow?

Spearow does appear in Raids at times, but you are more than likely going to find it in the wild. While you are sitting around in your living room, a Spearow will probably pop in Pokemon GO in your front yard.

Using an Incense will draw more Pokemon to you in the game, which means even more Spearow could appear. So, will any of these Spearow have a hint of gold on them to signify a Shiny version?

The answer is absolutely. Pokemon GO trainers can catch a Shiny Spearow. They don't have to wait for it to be released by the developers at Niantic. The Shiny version is ready and available for players to capture.

If you happen to battle a Spearow in a Pokemon GO Raid Battle, you will have a one in 20 chance for it to be a Shiny. If a Spearow appears to you in the wild, the chances go lower to one in 450.

There is no trick to catching a Shiny in Pokemon GO compared to catching a normal Pokemon. You just need to use Berries and throw Poke Balls to capture it, like you would any other creature.

Once you have a Shiny Spearow caught, you can evolve it into a Shiny Fearow. It costs 50 Spearow Candy, which you probably already have in Pokemon GO by now because of how often the Spearow appears.

Instead of the regular brown and red colors, Shiny Spearow and Shiny Fearow will appear with golden colors. Spearow's wings will be a bright gold while its head will be more of a yellow.

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