Game Freak Unreal Engine job posting has Pokemon fans excited 

Fans speculate Pokemon Generation V remake after Game Freak
Fans speculate Pokemon Generation V remake after Game Freak's new job postings (Image via Sportskeeda)

Game Freak recently posted a job opening for a Technical Artist for Pokemon in Tokyo, Japan. Unreal Engine is one of the foremost technologies when it comes to three-dimensional video game design, so when the developer posted a job opening for the same with respect to the beloved franchise, fans couldn't help but speculate what is cooking.

Game Freak used the Proprietary Engine for the latest main series titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which came out in November 2022. The recent job posting looking for an Unreal Engine-based technical artist has sparked a lively conversation on the game's official subreddit.

This brought forward some of the expectations of players from the franchise and their concerns about Nintendo as a platform.

Players excited about potential Pokemon Game that makes use of Unreal Engine

When u/TheRealPdGaming shared the Linkedin job posting on the subreddit, other players got really excited about their beloved franchise finally utilizing more modern technology to make games that look and feel more realistic. Community members shared their expectations and concerns about the same in the comments section.

While some were simply excited about the prospect of a game in the franchise that allows for high graphic settings, others were much more skeptical.

Pokemon players speculate Generation V remake in Generation X after Game Freak posts new Unreal Engine-based job posting

Players were quite excited at the prospect of games with better lighting effects and overall graphics that the Unreal Engine can support. This led to speculations of a possible Generation V remake for Generation X of Pokemon games. The Black and White games are loved by fans of the franchise for their compelling and immersive story, and they thought they would be ideal candidates for experimenting with the new engine.

That being said, the players were also quite concerned about how well the current Nintendo Switch would handle a graphic-intensive game built on Unreal Engine 5, the latest, most powerful version of building software.

This sparked a debate between people who believed that the Switch was fine, considering it was able to handle the latest Zelda game quite well. Still, Scarlet and Violet lagged and glitched because of apparent laziness on the developer's part, Game Freak.

There are a plethora of speculations about what this hire could be about. To sum them all up, players would like a Generation X remake of the Pokemon Black and White games; however, they would want Game Freak to ensure they get the finishing right, unlike Scarlet and Violet's glitchy experience on launch.

Another factor that must be considered is the launch of a new generation of Nintendo Switch, which is becoming increasingly inevitable with more processor-intensive games becoming commonplace on the platform.

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