How to catch Sharpedo in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Better known in Pokemon GO by its nickname of “Bully of the sea,” Sharpedo is a dark, water Pokemon that players should add to th Pokedex.

Evolving from Carvanha, Sharpedo is a coveted Pokemon in Pokemon GO. With fangs that grow back immediately after snapping off, and the ability to tear through supertankers, players will be glad to have one in any raid or battle. Sharpedo is boosted by rain and foggy weather and boasts moves such as Bite, Waterfall and Poison Fang, to name a few.

However, with a capture rate of only 20%, players need some tips to improve their chances of successfully capturing Sharpedo in Pokemon GO. Berries are always helpful when it comes to catching a Pokemon, as well as utilizing Ultra Pokeballs, and don't forget, Pokemon GO loves a good curve ball.

Catching Sharpedo in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Location is key when catching Sharpedo. By finding a reservoir, creek, river, or anywhere there is a natural body of water players will more likely come across one. If one doesn't appear on its own in the wild, incense can be used to lure the Pokemon in. If there aren't any bodies of water around the player can wait for a rainy day and Sharpedo may just come out.

Berries are also some of the most effective tools a trainer can use in Pokemon GO. In general, berries allow trainers to get the most from a catch. When it comes to capturing, Razz Berry will be the most effective. This is because it makes Pokemon less resistant to staying in the Pokeball.

The curveball is a technique that players should practice. To throw a curveball, players need to hold down on the ball for about a second, then start spinning the ball, when it feels like good momentum has been established, release the ball to either the right or left.

The trick is to wait until the ball starts to sparkle before releasing. The higher the curve ball is, the more likely it is to catch the Pokemon. Players should use stronger Pokeball, such as a Great Ball or Ultra Ball, if available.

Like any strong Pokemon, Sharpedo can be tricky to catch. Water, berries, and strong Pokeballs are all useful when the time comes to capture one.

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