How to catch a Shiny Trapinch in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

While Shiny Pokemon are a rare find in Pokemon GO, trying to find a specific Shiny Pokemon can be one of the most difficult challenges trainers face, especially when it comes to a Shiny Trapinch.

Introduced to Pokemon GO in 2019, Trapinch is an orange, Ground-type Pokemon that evolves into the Dragon/Ground-type Pokemon Vibrava and Flygon. A shiny Trapinch, however, is a beautiful green.

While the chances of catching a Shiny Pokemon, in general, are low. With persistence, it is only a matter of time before a trainer comes across one. Typically, the best bet is to wait for an event or hope for a stroke of luck with an egg.

Fortunately for trainers, luck is not the only way they can come across the Pokemon. There are ways to help influence the game and even lure the desired Pokemon to them.

Attracting Shiny Trapinch in Pokemon GO

Trapinch is gets a boost around sunny weather and is weak to water, so trainers shouldn't expect to come across one in the wild on a rainy day. However, if the weather is sunny and warm, that is the ideal time to go out on a hunt for a shiny Trapinch in Pokemon GO.

Events are also a safe bet for finding a shiny Trapinch. In 2020, Pokemon GO held a Dragon Week event, where Trapinch were spawning more than usual, making Shiny Pokemon spawn more as well. So, trainers must take full advantage of events when they happen.

Research encounters and raids allow for trainers to come across Trapinch in a more intentional way. Trainers can join forces and defeat the Shiny Trapinch and get the chance to capture it.

Trainers must then stock up on remote raid passes from the shop to not miss a chance at a raid for a Shiny Trapinch if the opportunity arises. Also, players shouldn't forget to use berries and ultra Pokeballs when the time comes to catch the shiny Trapinc to make the Pokemon less resistant to staying in the Pokeball.

Lastly, incense will help lure Pokemon in the wild and is worth using when looking for specific Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Also, incubating eggs always leads to the chance of hatching a shiny Trapinch.

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