How to complete the Gone the Coastlands request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Trainers will need to use Uraluna in this quest (Image via Game Freak)
Trainers will need to use Uraluna in this quest (Image via Game Freak)
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The Gone Astray…in the Coastlands request can be tricky to complete in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

It seems as though Zeke’s sister, Wanda, gets lost in every area of the Hisui region. Completing these missions is a good way to get familiar with the territory. Every local in Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a handful of secrets, some of which open up later in the game.

Character found in a secret location in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


Trainers will need to speak with Zeke (blonde kid in a brown kimono) in the Galaxy Hall to initiate this request. However, Zeke won’t offer this request until the trainer finishes The Lordless Island storyline.

That means, if it isn’t done yet, trainers should head over to Firstpit Island and finish up the quest evolving Palina, Iscan and Hisuian Growlithe.

Once that’s done, trainers can talk to Zeke, who will request to find his sister, Wanda, somewhere in the Cobalt Coastlands. As usual, he offers Wanda’s handkerchief so that Ursaluna can catch the scent and be prepared to search for her.

After that, trainers can head to Cobalt Coastlands, hop on Ursaluna and start heading down the coastline. Once they reach the beach, they will head to the left. Instead of going up the hill where they first met Palina and Hisuian Growlithe, trainers should stay on the beach.

Precisely, Wanda will be cleverly placed in Castaway Shore. This is a small, rocky island just off the shoreline.

Castaway Shore is where Wanda is located (Image via Game Freak)
Castaway Shore is where Wanda is located (Image via Game Freak)

Right next to this location, though, is an Alpha Octillery. It’s up to trainers whether or not they want to fight it or try to evade it.

Alpha Octillery could be a tough opponent since Electric-types are scared at that point in the game (more Electric-types appear in Coronet Highlands and Alabaster Icelands later on). However, the earlier areas are full of Grass-type Pokemon, which do great against Octillery.

If any trainers are lucky enough to find a Shiny Stone, they could evolve Roselia into Roserade. Otherwise, Tangrowth, Carnivine and Parasect are all viable Pokemon trainers can get before that point in the game. Also, any trainer who picked Rowlett as their starter won’t have an issue here either.

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