How to get Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon GO

(Image via Niantic)
(Image via Niantic)

In Pokemon GO, battling is something a trainer must do in order to collect Legendary Pokemon or get a Shadow Pokemon from Team GO Rocket.

The right moveset for a Pokemon is essential in raids and PvP battles. A trainer can obtain Technical Machines (TM) to teach the correct moveset for a specific Pokemon.

There are different types of TMs to choose from, and any TM will teach a Pokemon a new move.

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Different Kinds of TMs In Pokemon GO

There are four different types of TMs in Pokemon GO. While the regular Fast TM and Charged TM would teach a Pokemon a new random move, the Elite Charged TM and Elite fast TM would let a Pokemon Player choose the move they would prefer for their Pokemon to learn.

Having an Elite Charged TM or Elite Fast TM is detrimental when bulking up a Pokemon for a future battle, whether in five-star raids or in a PvP battle. Something to keep in mind with the Elite TMs is that a Pokemon Trainer will be able to choose from a variety of moves to teach their Pokemon, even the Legacy and Community Day exclusive moves.

These Elite TMs are rare and extremely hard to come by. These items are only available in Special Shop Boxes in Pokemon GO during special occasions such as Community Days and as end-of-season rewards after reaching a certain rank in the Go Battle League. A key point to remember is that only one Special Shop Box can be purchased during those elusive events.

With Elite TMs being as rare as they are in Pokemon GO, it is best to use them wisely and only on the strongest Pokemon that there is. Currently, the best Pokemon to use Elite Charged TMs are Mewtwo, Metagross, Swampert, Rhyperior, and Moltres.

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