How to land an excellent curved throw in Pokemon GO

Excellent curved throw guide for capturing Pokemon easily (Image via Niantic)
Excellent curved throw guide for capturing Pokemon easily (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon GO’s mechanic of launching the Pokeball sets it apart from all of its predecessors. Sometimes Niantic makes it very difficult to capture Legendaries for your roster.

The basic formula to easily capture any Pokemon successfully is to make your throws as smooth as possible. The better the Pokeball’s launch, the better chances of excellent throws, and bonuses you get.


New players might not know the importance of a good throw in the game. Compared to other games like Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow to the Pokemon Sword and Shield generations, Pokemon GO has its own ways to catch a creature using different types of throws.

Bonuses for each type of throw

  • Nice Throw = 1.15x Bonus
  • Great Throw = 1.5x Bonus
  • Excellent Throw = 1.85x bonus

This is where the curveballs come in, and then the option of Nice, Great, and Excellent throws shines while throwing Pokeballs at wild Pokemon. These throw statuses drastically increase the statistical possibility of catching something good.

Easy Pokemon GO technique to land an excellent curveball on every throw


Pokemon GO has a technique that allows trainers to throw their Pokeball as a curveball by providing it with some spin, which gives an additional 1.0 multiplier as a bonus. Alongside the multiplier, throwing a curveball with grades like Excellent, Great, and Nice provides additional experience points, which are needed for gym battles or Pokemon GO raids.

Although the multiplier effect increases the Experience, the stats of the captured Pokemon won't be affected in any way.

Curveball increases the probability of a successful catch and extra XP, and an Excellent Throw also bags in extra XP and a higher catch probability. Although both of them basically give identical bonuses and effects, they are individual actions that can be combined. Merging Curveballs with Excellent throws is possible and stacking them together isn’t as hard as it may sound.

Excellent curve throws can secure a huge bulk XP boost in every successful catch. This method of throwing Pokeballs guarantees the highest level of catch rate dealing with most of the fighters on the Pokemon GO platform. Here's some advice on how to land an excellent curved throw.


Since the start of the game, players have developed a simple technique that helps them throw a Curveball easily. Spinning the Pokeball clockwise or anti-clockwise gives it a good rotation for a nice and curved pathway, then releasing it at almost the same height as the Pokemon ensures an excellent curved throw. The throwing technique is very simple but takes a lot of practice to perfect.

Your positioning of the throw should be perfect and landing the ball when the target circle is the smallest increases the potential of capturing the Pokemon with a good amount of bonus XP. When spinning the Pokeball anti-clockwise, you should release the Pokeball from the right side of the screen and vice-versa.

Sometimes Pokemon attacks and your best chance to throw a curveball is while it's getting ready to attack. When a Pokemon is about to launch an attack, that's when it's the most vulnerable to capture.

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