How to upgrade items in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite has a variety of useful items players can equip (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Pokemon Unite has a variety of useful items players can equip (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Unite was recently released for the Nintendo Switch. Players that wish to master the new Pokemon game want to learn how to upgrade items.

The Pokemon franchise's latest game came out a mere few days ago and now players are trying to learn the ins-and-outs of it. Items are an essential function in Pokemon Unite, and therefore an important aspect for players to learn.

This article serves as a player's guide to upgrading items in Pokemon Unite.

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To upgrade items in Pokemon Unite, players will need to pay with an in-game currency


Upgrading a battle item in Pokemon Unite is not quite as simple as one might hope. Fortunately, the steps of the process are fairly straightforward.

First things first, players that desire to upgrade an item should head over to the in-game store. From there, one just needs to navigate to the items tab and then scroll to the end until they see something called an Item Enhancer.

Here's the catch - the Item Enhancer costs 50 Aeos coins, which is the in-game currency of Pokemon Unite. To make the purchasing process a bit easier, players can buy up to 50 Item Enhancers in one click.

After a player purchases the necessary amount of Item Enhancers, they need to access the Held Items menu of Pokemon Unite. Now a player can click on the item they wish to upgrade and conveniently see how many Item Enhancers it requires and how the upgrade will influence the item's stats.

If a Pokemon Unite player is in need of Aeos coins, they can earn them through rewards for achieving milestones in the game. The best way to do this is by participating in ranked matches.

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