Is Mega Evolution present in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Explained

Unique Battle Gimmicks (Image via Pokemon Scarlet and Violet)
Unique Battle Gimmicks (Image via Pokemon Scarlet and Violet)

Like previous generations of Pokemon mainline video game titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also introduced a unique gimmick for pocket monsters battles in Generation 9 with its release last week. Meanwhile, many fans wondered before the launch if Mega Evolutions, one of the more popular battle gimmicks of past iterations, would be a part of the new titles.

Mega Evolutions were introduced back in Generation 6 with Pokemon X and Y. It marked a temporary transformation that certain Pokemon went through during battles, which immensely increased the pocket monsters' power and bestowed it with a more fearsome look. The gimmick was a part of Generation 7 while Game Freak decided not to include it in Generation 8.


Given its inclusion in Pokemon Sun and Moon, hints dropped by a popular leaker and its prowess in Pokemon Journeys, fans wondered whether Game Freak would bring back Mega Evolutions to Generation 9.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet do not feature Mega Evolution, instead have their own unique battle gimmick

Mega Evolutions are not a part of the latest Generation 9 titles with the required Mega Stones being nowhere present in the new Paldea region. Without these special items, players have no way of mega-evolving their Pokemon during battles.

However, one need not worry about missing out on one of their favorite battle gimmicks, as with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Game Freak has introduced the mechanics of the Terastal phenomenon or Terastalization. It also affects a similar temporary transformation during battles, but the resulting form is different from mega evolutions.

Tera Charizard as seen in battles (Image via Pokemon Scarlet and Violet)
Tera Charizard as seen in battles (Image via Pokemon Scarlet and Violet)

A Terastalized Pokemon sports a visual makeover with gem-like skin and a jewel. Unlike Mega Evolutions, every pocket monster in Paldea has its own Tera type and can undergo the phenomenon. The Tera type of a Pokemon is also not unique to its species and can differ from its usual type. To get their pocket monster to undergo this transformation, players need to get hold of a special item called Tera Orb.

The Tera Orbs can be recharged by visiting a Pokemon Center or by touching Terestal Energy crystals. Players will also have the opportunity to encounter Wild Tera Pokemon across the Paldea map. Raid battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also utilize this unique phenomenon. To learn more about five and six-star Tera Raids, one can check this out.


Players can also change the Tera type of their critter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. To do so, they would have to first defeat the Medali City Gym and then venture to the restaurant in the city. There, they will learn that they can exchange 50 on any one type of Tera Shard to procure a meal that will switch the Pokemon's Tera type to that of the exchanged shards.

Players can learn more about the mechanics of changing Tera types here. The Pokemon community reacted positively to the new battle mechanic, with many considering it one of the best competitive gimmicks added to these games.

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