Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to unlock 5 & 6-star Tera Raids

Trainers can take on challenging Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Trainers can take on challenging Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Unlocking 5 & 6-star Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will let players take on some of the most powerful creatures available in-game. Tera Raids allow a team of up to four trainers to take on Terastallized Pokemon of varying difficulty levels. Higher star levels contain significantly formidable beasts that are a great addition to a player's team.

Similar to Generation 9's version of the Dynamax Raid Den, Tera Raids can range in terms of challenge (from 1 star all the way up to 7 stars). The more stars a Tera Raid has, the harder it will be to defeat the Terastallized Pokemon.

How to unlock 5 and 6-star Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

When first starting out in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will come across Tera Raid dens. These are large crystals that jut out of the ground, projecting a beam of light up into the sky.

When you approach them, you will come across a menu that features a silhouette of the Pokemon contained in the raid, alongside the difficulty level of the raid itself. As a new player of the title, you only have access to participate in raids up to the 4-star level of difficulty.

In order to unlock the 5-star Tera Raids, you will first have to complete the entire game and reach the end credits. Once the end credit is over, you will be able to participate in 5-star raids all across the region of Paldea.

To unlock 6-star Tera Raids, you will have to complete the post-game tournament. After doing so, you will receive a call from Jacq, who will ask you to take on some of the 5-star Tera Raids across the region.

Once you have completed a number of 5-star Tera Raids, you will get another message from Jacq stating that there are even more powerful Tera Raids available that feature Black Crystals. These are 6-star Tera Raids.

Additionally, event-exclusive 7-star Tera Raids will appear in the games from time to time. They will grant players access to special Pokemon and items upon completion.

How to prepare for the stronger Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Before delving into the hardest Tera Raids that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have to offer, you will first want to make sure that your team is at least at level 75.

For each different Tera Raid tier, the Pokemon's level inside the den grows exponentially. The Pokemon level for each raid tier is as follows:

  • 1 Star: Pokemon Level 12
  • 2 Star: Pokemon Level 20
  • 3 Star: Pokemon Level 35
  • 4 Star: Pokemon Level 45
  • 5 Star: Pokemon Level 75
  • 6 Star: Pokemon Level 75
  • 7 Star: Pokemon Level ??? (Dictated by special event)

Besides making sure your Pokemon meets the level requirements, it is also important to coordinate the higher star raids with a team that uses type advantage to take out the Terastallized Pokemon with ease. This is because each den has a timer, and the harder you can hit the target in the raid, the faster it will go.

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