Can you catch a shiny Staryu in Pokemon GO?

This is Misty's Staryu from the Pokemon anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
This is Misty's Staryu from the Pokemon anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

With the recent Spotlight hour and the chance to encounter one near bodies of water, Pokemon GO trainers are wondering if Staryu can be shiny.

A shiny Pokemon is a very rare version. Their appearance changes to a different color, sometimes drastically, and it is represented by a set of sparkles that emerge from the creature upon first appearance.


Staryu, a Water-type Pokemon, is one of the original 151 from Kanto. It made its debut very early on in Pokemon GO and trainers can rejoice knowing its shiny form has been available for a while now.

Staryu can be shiny in Pokemon GO

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The shiny version of Staryu arrived during Enigma Week in August 2020. Niantic, the developers behind Pokemon GO, often withhold releasing shiny forms of Pokemon right away until a special event takes place.

That is what they did with Staryu, but it has been about two years since its shiny introduction. Of course, players will have to be lucky as there is no sure-fire way to obtain the alternate-colored Water-type.

During the evenings that Staryu receives a Spotlight Hour, players should know that it does not come with an increased shiny encounter rate. That is reserved for special events held in the game.

Instead, it will simply just appear more. That does give players slightly better odds of obtaining one because more of them are available to encounter. Aside from that, it is all up to the RNG of the mobile title.

How to catch Staryu in Pokemon GO?

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The first step towards finding a shiny Staryu is simply finding where they spawn or paying attention to the events that may provide an increased appearance rate of the starfish-like creature.

On a regular day without any special events happening, players can do a few things to try and find a Staryu. It is never guaranteed, but certain areas and items increase the chance of Water-types appearing, which includes Staryu.

  • Players should head to a body of water to encounter a variety of Water-type Pokemon
  • Local ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, and even water hazards at a golf course are all recognized Water-type spawn locations
  • Use an Incense to draw even more Water-type Pokemon near while at those locations
  • Attach a Rainy Lure Module to a PokeStop to draw Water-type Pokemon to that specific area for the duration of the Lure

Any time a Staryu appears, be sure to tap on it to start the encounter. This is the only way to see if it is the shiny version or not, as the shiny variant does not show in the overworld of Pokemon GO.

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