The best counters for Reshiram in Pokemon GO (December 2021)

Reshiram alongside the legendary Hero of Truth (Image via the Pokemon Company)
Reshiram alongside the legendary Hero of Truth (Image via the Pokemon Company)
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Whether it is in a Raid Battle or on an opponent's team in Master League, Reshiram can be a scary foe in Pokemon GO. Due to its sudden appearance as a 5-Star Raid Boss, Reshiram's usage will surely spike, and thus players should learn some of its most effective counters.

Debuting as the box legendary on the cover of Pokemon Black, Reshiram has been not only a fan favorite but also one of the strongest Pokemon in the franchise. Reshiram also appears in Pokemon White 2 under the control of the rival trainer N. When it makes its appearance, Ghetsis controls Kyurem into defeating and fusing with Reshiram to become White Kyurem.

When battling any Pokemon, either in a Raid Battle or in the Battle League, keeping its strengths, weaknesses, and stats in mind are key to effectively using your resources to take your opponent down in Pokemon GO.

Reshiram's strengths and weaknesses in Pokemon GO

Reshiram as it appears in the movie (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Reshiram as it appears in the movie (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Reshiram has the unique quality of being the only Fire and Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. This typing has both great offensive and defensive attributes as it resists common attacking types like Fire and Electric. Reshiram's biggest weakness as far as type effectiveness goes is its weakness to Ground-type attacks. Ground-type attacks are usually capable of taking out a target with one or two attacks, such as Drill Run or Earthquake.

Reshiram is one of the best attacking Dragon-types in Pokemon GO for a reason, and its 275 attack stat is a really good one. While Reshiram is more geared towards being a great mid-game attacker, it has the bulk to fit in just about anywhere. Reshiram sports a great defense stat of 211 and a stamina stat of 205.


The best counters for Reshiram in Pokemon GO are Pokemon that can capitalize on its weakness to powerful charged attacks. Rock, Ground, and Dragon-type attacks are all types with incredible attacking prowess with attacks like Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Outrage. Also, when countering Reshiram, players should prepare to take some Fire-type attacks as well as Dragon-type attacks. Fairy-type Pokemon can last a very long time against Reshiram.

Thinking of very specific counters for Reshiram in Pokemon GO is a challenge in itself, as Reshiram is entirely viable with either all Fire or all Dragon-type attacks. If Reshiram has all Fire-type attacks, Dragon-type Pokemon absolutely body Reshiram without contest. With all Dragon-type moves, Ground-type Pokemon, mainly Excadrill and Landorus Therian, can take it out very easily.


In summary, Ground-type Pokemon have the most potential to easily take out Reshiram in Pokemon GO depending on its moveset. Players trying to take one out in a current Raid Battle should bring a minimum of 3 other players with them. Fairy-type tanks like Sylveon or Togekiss make great anchors due to them taking minimal damage to both of Reshiram's attacking types.

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