Can Hoppip be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Hoppip as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Hoppip as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Hoppip has been announced for Pokemon GO's next Community Day event for February 2022. With this new announcement, players may have a few questions regarding the event. When will this event be? What will the exclusive event move be? Most importantly, will Hoppip have the Community Day staple of having an increased shiny chance?

Hoppip debuted back in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal in the second generation of the franchise. Since its debut, Hoppip has been an underappreciated Pokemon in the franchise. With no notable appearances in the series, it's not too uncommon for new Pokemon fans to be utterly oblivious to this happy plant Pokemon's existence.

A community of Pokemon GO players play the game to collect rare variants of Pokemon known as shiny Pokemon. For them, knowing whether or not a Pokemon can appear in its shiny state can help them determine if it is even possible to start the hunt.

Shiny Hoppip in Pokemon GO: Fact or fiction?

The official announcement image for Hoppip's Community Day event (Image via The Pokemon Company)
The official announcement image for Hoppip's Community Day event (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Luckily, for players who cannot wait for the event, Hoppip's shiny variant is already in the game. This means that players who can find a Hoppip while playing Pokemon GO might as well check to see if it is in its shiny variant.

Finding any Grass-type Pokemon in the current winter season in the northern hemisphere is cause for celebration, let alone a shiny variant of one.

Players living in Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Syracuse, may experience an increased spawn rate for Hoppip. This is due to a hidden mechanic in Pokemon GO the community has named "nests".

Nests are certain areas in the world that spawn an increased number of a specific species of Pokemon, depending on which nest it is. A comprehensive atlas of the various nests on the map can be found here.


Looking back at the Hoppip Community Day event, there are various aspects of the event that we already know. The event will take place on February 12, 2022.

During this event, the special research story Hoppip's Hop-Along Hangout will be available via Special Research Tickets that can be purchased for $1 at the in-game shop. The event-exclusive move for Jumpluff that are evolved from Hoppip during the event is Acrobatics: a powerful Flying-type charged attack.

Shiny hunters will be happy to know that their hunt for a shiny Hoppip will not be in vain, as it can be found in Pokemon GO. To increase the chances of finding a shiny Hoppip, players should wait until February 12, when Hoppip's Community Day event starts. In standard Community Day fashion, the spotlighted Pokemon will always receive a boost to its chances of being found as a shiny variant.

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