Pokemon GO: Terrakion raid counters for November 2021

Terrakion in action in a Pokemon movie (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Terrakion in action in a Pokemon movie (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Pokemon GO will feature the Legendary Fighting/Rock-type Pocket Monster, Terrakion, as a five-star raid boss this November 2021.

Players will be able to take on Terrakion in raids from November 5 till November 16. In addition, it will be possible to encounter the shiny version of this Legendary beast.

This guide will expose all of Terrakion's weaknesses in Pokemon GO and list the best counters to use against it in raids.

Terrakion in Pokemon GO: Weaknesses, resistances and best counters


Terrakion can be a tricky Pokemon to know how to counter effectively in raids. This bull-like beast has wickedly sturdy stats, sporting a 192 in Defense, 209 in Stamina, and 260 in Attack.

Weaknesses and resistances for the Fighting/Rock-type Pokemon

The Legendary Pocket Monster has many weaknesses to other types, but it's also resistant to various kinds of Pokemon.

As a dual Fighting/Rock-type, Terrakion is weak against the following types:

  • Fairy
  • Fighting
  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Psychic
  • Steel
  • Water

On the flip-side of things, Terrakion is resistant against attacks from these types of Pokemon:

  • Bug
  • Dark
  • Fire
  • Normal
  • Poison
  • Rock
A shiny Terrakion in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
A shiny Terrakion in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Best counters for Terrakion in Pokemon GO

Listed below are the best counters to use against Terrakion in five-star raids.

Mega Blastoise: Pokemon GO players fortunate enough to have Mega Blastoise in their collection can utilize the awesome Water-type in this battle. A Mega Blastoise that is equipped with the moves Water Gun and Hydro Cannon will inflict severe damage.

Mewtwo: When it comes to the best Psychic-type counter for Terrakion, Pokemon GO players can undoubtedly count on the Legendary Mewtwo. Mewtwo's 300 Attack stat will bombard Terrakion with damage, especially with the moves Psycho Cut and Psystrike in its arsenal.

Conkeldurr: Although Terrakion is a partial Fighting-type in its own right, Conkeldurr still makes for a great counter against the Legendary Pokemon. The moves Counter and Dynamic Punch will allow Conkeldurr to put up an excellent fight in this raid.

Excadrill: Being both a Steel and ground-type Pocket Monster, Excadrill can take advantage of two of Terrakion's weaknesses. A player's Excadrill will be most effective in this raid if it knows the Metal Claw and Earthquake attacks.

Empoleon: This dual Water/Steel-type can also benefit from two of Terrakion's vulnerabilities. The winning moveset for Empoleon in this battle will consist of the attacks Metal Claw and Hydro Cannon.


To stand the best chance of completing the raid, Pokemon GO players should bring as many of the above-listed Pokemon to battle with them as they can. Of course, if players don't have these Pocket Monsters, they can enter the raid with those assigned a type that Terrakion is weak against.

Furthermore, players will want to enter the raid against Terrakion alongside a few of their friends. Battling the Legendary raid boss with multiple other trainers is the best way to ensure victory. Once Terrakion is defeated, players will be rewarded with an opportunity to catch the beast and add it to their collection in Pokemon GO.

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