Pokemon GO: The best moveset for Garchomp

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
Brandon Moore

Gible Community Day is approaching in Pokemon GO and will surely bring an uptick in players owning a Garchomp.

Garchomp is one of the strongest Pokemon of all time, in Pokemon GO, the anime, and the main game series. This Ground/Dragon-type is a mighty battler who shows no remorse.

With Community Day on the horizon, many Pokemon GO trainers are wondering what the best moveset for this beast is. No matter what it learns, it will be dominant, but there is one way to maximize that dominance.

The best moveset for Garchomp in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon GO has two different ways for Pokemon to attack. Move speed matters when a Pokemon is fighting with the trainer in control. It attacks differently when controlled by AI, such as defending a Gym, striking every 2 seconds regardless.

When it comes to Garchomp, though, the best moveset in Pokemon GO sees no difference between the two. Offense and Defense both carry the same Fast Attack and Charged Attack combination.

Those evolving Gabite during Pokemon GO's Gible Community Day will end up with a Garchomp who knows the attack Earth Power. While incredibly strong, it does not overtake its best Charged Attack.

Dragon Tail as the Fast Attack and Outrage as the Charged Attack will do insane damage. Both receive a Same Type Attack Bonus and are super effective against other powerful Dragon-type Pokemon.

Garchomp is weak against Dragon and Fairy moves, but 2x weak against Ice-type moves. Even with those weaknesses, Garchomp's two Dragon-type attacks will decimate Pokemon of many types.

With the STAB, Dragon Tail does 16.4 damage per second, while Outrage does 33.8 DPS. The Fast Attack gathers 9 energy every time it hits and the Charged Attack only requires 50 to use.

This combination of attacks will carry Garchomp to victory in a variety of situations. Whether defending a Gym, attacking a Gym, dealing with a pesky Raid in Pokemon GO, or battling another trainer, Garchomp will reign supreme.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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