Latest Pokemon Unite leaks suggest Miraidon debut in upcoming releases

Miraidon in Pokemon Unite
Miraidon might come to Pokemon Unite (Image via Sportskeeda || The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Unite data miners have struck gold again. This time, the latest data-mined files have disclosed a possible Miraidon debut in one of the upcoming updates. Not only will Unite players potentially enjoy a new license but there are a lot of other exciting leaks that have surfaced.

Despite these bits and pieces of information not having a vote of confidence from the majority of the community, ElChicoEevee rarely misses the bull’s eye with his leaks.

Miraidon is an iconic Electric- and Dragon-type Pocket Monster that was first introduced in the ninth generation. It happens to be the mascot of Pokemon Violet, and it is finally making its way into Pokemon Unite.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you can expect from future Unite releases, including Miraidon, holowear for Mewtwo, and more.

Note: this article is based on leaks. Readers are advised to take the information provided with a grain of salt.

Miraidon might join the Pokemon Unite bandwagon


According to ElChicoEevee, The Pokemon Company is supposedly going to enroll Pokemon Unite in the Dragon Battle Event. This event is going to begin around Pokemon Day on Sunday, February 25, 2024.

The in-game code that gave away the Miraidon debut reads as:

“OpsEvents_Event_Title_18838_001”: “Miraidon is coming to Aeos Island!”

Since Miraidon is part dragon, it seems fitting that it makes its debut in Unite around this time. However, nothing has been announced by the official sources. So, we cannot claim these to be substantial leads.

Upcoming Pokemon Unite holowear leaked by ElChicoEevee

ElChicoEevee has always been fairly accurate with his data-mined leaks. Besides the debut of Miraidon, they have also provided us with the following possible arrivals in the game:

  • Dark Lord Style holowear for Mewtwo X
  • Dark Lord Style holowear for Mewtwo Y
  • Dark Magician Style holowear for Dragapult
  • Dark Magician Style holowear for Sableye
  • Fashionable Style holowear for Zeraora
  • Holiday Style holowear for Goodra
  • Holiday Style holowear for Greninja
  • New Year Style holowear for Blastoise
  • New Year Style holowear for Wigglytuff
  • Phantom Thief Style holowear for Meowscarada
  • Phantom Thief Style holowear for Metagross
  • Star Cloak Style (Light Blue) holowear for Decidueye
  • Starry Night Style holowear (Purple) for Blissey
  • Teatime Style holowear (Brown) for Glaceon
  • Wanderer Style holowear for Lucario

Apart from these skins, ElChicoEevee posted effects for Glaceon, Meowscarada, and Zeraora.

Can you get Miraidon for free in Pokemon Unite?

Dark Lord Style Mewtwo (Image via ElChicoEevee on YouTube)
Dark Lord Style Mewtwo (Image via ElChicoEevee on YouTube)

The debut of Miraidon can greatly alter the meta of Pokemon Unite. Like we witnessed when Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y introduced themselves to the world of Unite, we have a feeling that Miraidon is going to make waves with Electro Drift.

If the debut of this Pocket Monster takes place during Pokemon Day, we can expect a corresponding event in Unite that might give us Miraidon for free. The same has been true for previous major licenses like Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y.

So, if these leaks turn out to be true, Miraidon might be free for those who play during the event.