Scarlet and Violet fans excited as Nemona set to debut in Pokemon Horizons

Nemona set to debut in Pokemon Horizons (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Nemona set to debut in Pokemon Horizons (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Nemona, the protagonist's rival in the Scarlet and Violet games, is all set to make her Pokemon Horizons debut in Episode 10. After the previous episode, which was packed with exposition and character development, the promise of seeing a character from the latest games and what will possibly be the first look at a Paldean Gym battle in this series has all fans excited.

Nemoma is a student at the Pokemon Academy in the Scarlet and Violet games and serves as the president of the academy's student council. She is also a Champion-level trainer who guides the protagonist on their adventure. From that, it can be speculated she would also play a somewhat similar role in Pokemon Horizons.

When will Nemona first arrive in Pokemon Horizons anime?

As revealed by the official teaser for Episode 10 of Pokemon Horizons, viewers will meet Nemona for the first time in Episode 10. Needless to say, fans are really excited about her arrival, given the interesting notes the show has been hitting so far.

How are fans reacting to Nemona's upcoming debut in Pokemon Horizons?

Nemona is a beloved character owing to her straightforward attitude about Pokemon and her unbridled passion for battling. The fact that she doesn't hide her ambitions behind mawkish words to make them seem less harsh strikes a chord with many players, who claim to play the games to become a strong Pokemon Trainer above everything else.

Being as loved as she is, netizens are gushing over how they will get to see her in the anime on a weekly basis. They took to Twitter to show their appreciation for her impending addition.

Viewers also widely appreciated Nemona's animation style and thought she looked good. They also noticed her wearing the uniform from the Scarlet version of the games, giving rise to questions about which version will be made canon by the anime producers.

While such a question would have a relatively low impact on the anime's storyline, it could determine micro-decisions like the color of a character's uniform, which avid fans will quickly notice.

What can Nemona's addition mean for Pokemon Horizon's story?


As mentioned before, Nemona acted as a guide and rival for the protagonist in Scarlet and Violet. It will be interesting to see how the show treats her character with respect to the protagonists, Liko and Roy.

She may join them on their adventure to track down the shiny Requayza that came out of the mysterious Poke Ball belonging to Roy's grandfather. However, it is more likely that she will appear at different points on their adventure to help them out and provide challenges to further push the plot.

Either way, the arrival of Nemona is being quite hyped. It will be interesting to see her influence on Liko and Roy's journey. Episode 10 of Pokemon Horizons will air in Japan on June 9, 2023, titled 'With Nemo and Colza.'

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