The best held items in Pokemon Unite

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Unite takes the beloved franchise and gives it an incredible MOBA twist with everything we know and love.

The best Pokemon moves are found in Pokemon Unite. Some of the most popular creatures are playable in the game. It even includes a handful of the most iconic items in Pokemon.


Items can be used in Pokemon Unite to give players an advantage in battle. They can heal a character, increase their attack skills, make them stronger overall and so much more.

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Pokemon Unite: The best held items

1) Float Stone

The Float Stone is an incredible held item in Pokemon Unite. This item increases the Pokemon's speed while not in combat. This can be crucial to joining a fight and catching up with teammates who may be in trouble. Speed given to a normally slow Pokemon can truly change the tide of a battle.

2) Scope Lens

In Pokemon Unite, the Scope Lens increases critical-hit damage. Higher damage Pokemon, such as Zeraora or Charizard, will do wonders with the Scope Lens. Attacker Pokemon are vital in putting the pressure on the opposing team. This held item makes it much less difficult.

3) Shell Bell

The Shell Bell is an invaluable held item in Pokemon Unite. It heals the player's character whenever it successfully lands an attack. Quick attackers could benefit from this greatly. It also buffs moves, reduces cooldown timers and increases overall damage dealt.

4) Rocky Helmet

The Rocky Helmet is a defensive Pokemon's dream come true in Pokemon Unite. It raises their defensive stats and, just like in the games, damages nearby opponents whenever the Pokemon is attacked. This is an item that is offensively defensive and cannot go unused.

5) Leftovers

Leftovers is a wonderful Pokemon Unite held item for any character. It restores health over a time when the Pokemon is not in combat. If the player finds themself winning a massive battle but is on the brink of defeat, holding Leftovers is crucial. They can escape and heal up, pairing it with a zone heal to maximize health restoration.

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